Martial Arts: Fighting Gamesย MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Mode)

Enter the world of real martial arts and kung fu karate fights and show your martial arts fighting skills to the crowd.
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Jan 4, 2024
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Enter the world of real martial arts and kung fu karate fights and show your martial arts fighting skills to the crowd.

Step into the arena and confront dozens of influential martial artists worldwide. The remarkable thing you should pay attention to is not using any weapons or support equipment. Therefore, every fight starts with your strength as the main thing. Unleash ferocious attacks like punches, kicks, and super-speeds to knock your opponent down, sending him to the floor as quickly as possible. At that time, you will win and win the opportunity to open new levels with more tough fights.

Martial Arts Karate Fighting


The game will bring you fascinating battles in the dangerous ring. Step onto the stage with a proud attitude when the audience around welcomes you with joy. But that is the scenario if you win the tough fights in Martial Arts Karate Fighting. Do your best and defeat all the powerful boxers in the world. They are all professional players who will be playing against you in the qualifiers.


When winning in the confrontation rounds or beyond, in the final round. Many people will know you, and your reputation will fly further than ever. At that time, players will become champions in Martial Arts Karate Fighting with world-famous martial arts. The audience will love and put more expectations on you. You have to really try to show your strength and keep practicing.

Martial Arts Karate Fighting


As mentioned above, the challenge you have to perform in this game is not using support weapons. In other words, you can only use your god-given strength or practice hard. Show off your most unique moves like punching, kicking, or speeding up and knocking down your opponents in the ultimate Muay Thai fights. With hard practice, you will fight and defeat your enemies in no time.

Bring your Inner Martial Arts Master in the Fighting Ring:

Are you ready to accept all martial arts fighting game challenges and prove yourself a karate star? Is your inner kung fu fighter prepared to defeat all the rivals in martial arts fighting? Accept all the challenges and beat your enemies in offline martial arts fighting games. Show them all that you are the skilled martial arts training master. Be a PRO martial arts fighter and knock out your opponents with your unique karate moves. Learn taekwondo to fight face to face with your rivals in the ring. Be a champion of martial arts karate fighting game and fight with your amazing kung fu moves. In this fighting game, you will experience the combination of martial arts and boxing games. Use multiple combat techniques and punch boxing moves to prove yourself king of the fighting ring. These amazing karate fighting games will allow you to experience unique moves and tricks to defeat your enemies.

Show your Karate fighting moves

Show your unbeatable karate skills to the crowd. Make the fighting cell a hell for your rivals. Show your boxing games skills, beat your enemies and win the level. Your competitors are skilled and tough fighters; use your combos and hits to overthrow them. Martial Arts kung fu fighting game is an action-packed, thrilled and challenging game. Face all the challenges and win all the levels. Use special kung fu moves, quick reflexes, punch boxing games techniques, combos, and beat all challengers. Martial arts karate fighting clash is a kick boxing game with different challenging levels and rewards. Unlock the boss fights and show them you are the strongest taekwondo master in the cage boxing game.

Martial Arts Karate Fight Mode

Master your skills with an amazing kung fu fighting clash. Accept the challenges and beat your rivals with karate fighting, and kick boxing techniques. When you click on the fight button, you will have to face a solid and skilled martial arts karate fighter. Just use hits, combos, and kicks to knock down your competitors. When you win the level, you will get coins as rewards.

Choose your favorite fighter

When you defeat the other side and win the level, you can unlock your favorite karate fighting characters. The more coins you get, the more chances you have to get your favorite player in this karate fighting clash.

Why this Martial Arts Fighting game:

๐ŸŽฎ Easy-to-use controls create a unique experience
๐Ÿคœ Play offline and free fighting games modes.
๐Ÿคผ Realistic fighting arenas, world-class fighters, and high-quality graphics
๐Ÿ‘ŠWeekly new challenges and missions.
๐Ÿคผ Four different martial arts games mode
๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿคโ€๐Ÿง‘ Select your favorite character
๐Ÿ”‹ Customize the power of fighters
โ™ซ Excellent visuals and thrilling sound effects
๐Ÿคผ Fight in multiple arenas
So, what are you waiting for? Get into this amazing martial arts karate fighting clash and unleash your inner karate fighting skills.

What's new

World Fighting Champions: MMA Boxing Fighting Game Features:

โ€ข Build a player and battle against your rivals and the community
โ€ข Unique fighters to fight with your rivalry community
โ€ข More than 5 unique fighting arenas including park lot and fitness gym
โ€ข Authentic moves and combos that give you real feel of MMA fighting



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