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It's CALL OF DUTY® and more, like you never seen before. The famous FPS multiplayer game is back with new seasons full of action!
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Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK is a shooting video game based on World War II setting with variable modifications over time. It was developed in 2003 originally. Call of Duty along is an intense game with enchanting use of graphics, tools, settings and props which makes it unique from other video games and also adds to enhancing the difficulty as you go higher and higher in levels. Mod APK refers to the modified version of any application which is basically the alteration and edition of certain features that were present in the original version of the same app. The modified versions are usually created to overcome the obstacles faced by video gamers while playing the game and to attract more audience towards it. In the Mod version of Call of Duty, many tools have been added included Aimbot, better healing processes, reduced interference’s.

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Download Call of Duty Mod APK:

In order to download the Call of Duty Mod APK, you must need to delete the older versions that are already been installed in your android devices so that it may not cause rush or over writing. For smooth running of the application, download the game of 80 MB from the following link and begin enjoying amazing features and unlocking several new tools for free; Or you can download the game from Google Play for free without spending a penny.

Features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK:

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK offers diverse and next level features for the gamers in order to enjoy the best video gaming. Due to its unique and attractive features, this video gaming has got fame all cross the world. Unlike many other applications, this application is free to install and free to use and most of all, it is totally safe to play. This Mod APK is not specified to a particular android device rather it maintains compatibility with any android device which makes it more convenient to install and use. Moreover, the Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK is auto updated which means that the gamer does not need to go through the update process over and over, this application will update itself. This Mod APK offers unlocking of all characters, weapons and clothes. It also has enabled the feature of reloading your ammo repeatedly for free. Following are the detailed features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK;

1. Unlocked Characters

In the Mod version of this game, all the characters involved have been unlocked at the same time without crossing any particular stage. In the original and simple version of Call of Duty, the player has to cross and finish certain number of levels in order to unlock the characters he wants but this modified version has removed the difficulty of going through different tools and stages. The unlocking process of simple version was way too time consuming and difficult. In case of playing in multiplayer mode, it made it very difficult to create a team but the mod version has ease that inconvenience by unlocking all the characters at the same time for every player without setting a respective target to achieve.


Aimbot is another remarkable feature of the Mod version of Call of Duty in which Aimbot helps the player to kill the enemy in a single shot. This aids the player in taking and wasting too many calls for killing a single enemy. Aimbot allows the player to shot the opponent from a distance even by placing the Aimbot near the enemy and pressing the shot button from a distance. It will automatically recognize the target enemy and would kill it in one attempt and call. Aimbot may seem to be somewhat difficult to use for the beginners because it needs the player to be very specific when it comes to placing the Aimbot near the enemy. But later on this feature is very helpful for creating a mark in killing the target enemies.

Root not required

Your android devices need to be rooted in case of many video games and other processes to install the mod versions of applications. But this obstacle has been removed for Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK because there is no more need to root your smartphone before installing the mod version of this game. You only need to install the Mod APK file from the given download link or Google Play along with an obj file for smooth running.

Auto-Reloading Weapons:

Many video games need the player to reload the weapons after regular intervals which can delay the process of enemy killing and it could also provide the enemy enough time to attack you. However, Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK does not require the players to follow the same pattern because it has introduced the feature of auto-reloading of weapons. It buys you enough time to kill the targets without wasting the time. This feature also saves the player from the distractions of reloading the weapon again and again and helps focus on the target enemies only.

COD points with unlimited access

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK offers unlimited COD points for unlocking more features inside the game and also helps cover more grounds related to progression in the game. The COD points also help the player raise to higher levels. It also has a great influence over the weapon use as it allows the player to upgrade weapons as well.

Security and Anti-Ban features

This mod version provides the users with a high security where your account cannot be blocked or hacked or deleted by the developers of the game. This version is released with the anti-ban feature which does not let the developers to ban this application. It has been a common issue that many mod versions of some applications have been banned by the developers. However, this mod APK is immune to banning.

Online Modes

The mobile mod version of Call of Duty provides the users with another amazing feature of multiplayers i.e. you can now play with your friends online by creating a team. This feature has created an amazing twist in the video gaming and more chances of getting the goal achieved by hitting as many targets as you can with the help of your online friends.

Critical tips about Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK:

Here are some tips that can be very beneficial in achieving the goals of the game. This game is all about hitting targets, killing enemies, earning more and more COD points and surviving the attacks as long as you can. Therefore, these tips can be very helpful for overcoming the obstacles you face during the video gaming.

Choosing the Right shooting mode

There are two modes of shooting which are developed by the developers in Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK one is simple mode and other is manual mode. In Simple Mode, the shooting button works automatically without the manual use by the player. It helps in killing the targets greatly and is quite helpful for the beginners in this game. However, this mode has more risk of missing the targets because of automatic settings. The other mode is Manual Mode in which the player is supposed to shoot the enemies manually by pressing the shooting button on his own. This is used by the advanced players in further higher levels. And the risk of wasting ammo and missing the target is very low in this mode.

Using Drones

This feature is available if you are playing in multiplayer mode where you are given drone and missile for progression. Missile can be used to kill enemies on wide range by directing the missile carefully towards the direction of the target enemy. All the targets within the range of missile would be killed and it gives a plus point in moving forwards towards the next level. Drones are helpful for knowing the positions of enemies on the map. Because the drone flies ahead of the player, it gives a broad view of the target enemies ahead of you. By pointing their positions ion map, it would be easy to kill them without missing any target an wasting ammo or risking your health.

Upgrading Weapons

This feature allows you to become an advanced player by upgrading your weapon from time to time. The upgraded weapons will come with different and useful tools attached with them such as magazines, stocks, etc. this feature is helpful if one knows how and what weapon to use for killing the enemy. The more upgraded weapon, the more progress will take place.

Height falling tip

When a player falls from the height, it eventually results in decrease in his health and increase in the chances to get killed. So, if the player is to fall from the height, he must make sure not to fall straight rather glide towards the ground. It will not be risky and the player would not lose much health through this tip. It also allows the player to land in the safe area where you can find a hiding place and easily target the enemies.

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Final Wording

Call of Duty: Mobile Apk is a first shooter multiplayer action shooting game designed specifically for mobile sets. This mobile game has all the archetypal multiplayer maps and modes with more than hundred Royale battling battlegrounds, five versus five death matches, sniper versus sniper battles and heaps of action for the gamers to enjoy anywhere any time. You can customize the gaming controls, voice and chats ad experience the high quality console gaming on your phone. The amazing 3D graphics and on-the-go gaming fun is what every gamer wants. Call of Duty Mobile Apk game is completely free for the very first time so dive into the hundred people battle royale map and survive alongside your squad containing your friends or you can always play with the unknown players from all around the world and connect with them. Compete in the Team death matches, frontline, player versus player modes using your own customize load outs. You can customize your weapons, outfits and pieces of gear as well as earn and unlock the famous characters to play the game. Place your best tactics out on the battlefield and gain top position in the competitive ranked mode or win the best clan prizes that you win by playing with your friends. There is complexity and depth featuring the challenging battling warzone in this multiplayer shooting game where you fight against the millions of enemies and friends. Become a top legend and play the capture the flag, kill confirmed and more exciting modes.

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