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It's CALL OF DUTYยฎ and more, like you never seen before. The famous FPS multiplayer game is back with new seasons full of action!
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If you want a true action experience, then you should play Call of Duty, which is a very famous game in the whole world right now because millions of people are playing this game to kill their boredom. This game comes on top in the action category that’s why it has the best ratings and reviews all over the internet.

There will be many real players in this game and you have to face them in order to get victory in call of duty. This is a shooting game where you will get so many dangerous weapons which you can use against your opponents to kill them. All kinds of customizations are also available in this game so you will get a complete chance to make things according to your choice. 

Call of duty is a fully optimized game and specially made for smart devices so while playing this game you will never get lagging issues because of good optimization. This game has very realistic features that’s why it is a heavy game so you need a high end mobile device to run this game.

What is Call of Duty APK?

Call of duty game is launched by gerena mobile private developers on the internet in standard version. You can easily download this game from anywhere on the internet and the best thing is that the standard version of this game is free to download so you don’t need money to get Call of duty. This game offers premium features too but they all are paid in it so you have to purchase them in order to use them.

What is Call of Duty Mod APK?

This action game also has a modified version which is also known as call of duty mod apk. This version provides you amazing features like you don’t have to purchase premium features of this game because the mod version provides complete access to the entire game. You are free to use the full game with all features and items for free. All weapons and characters in the mod version will be unlocked and available so you don’t have to wait to get your favorite thing in this game.

Shoot Enemies

This game is all about shooting your opponents and this is the only way to win. In this game there will be no bots which means you will face real players around the world so you have to be very good because if you get killed by opponents then your game will be over. After landing from your helicopter try to get powerful weapons to shoot them.

Different Gaming        

Call of duty games have different gaming modes which you can play as a solo player or you can play with your friends. It has sniper mode where you will get sniper guns to target your opponents. Multiplayer mode is also there where you can invite your friends and family members to play this game together. In each gaming mode you will get huge maps which you can choose according to your wish.

Deadly Weapons

You will be amazed to see the weapons of this game because it is fully loaded with advanced weapons that you can choose. It has sniper guns, machine guns, rifles, pistols, grenades and many other deadly weapons. You have to get these weapons from the loot area after landing so make sure to get the best weapons for yourself because it will help you to target all your enemies easily. 

Multiple Events

This game also adds multiple events which you can play to increase your gaming level. These events come with excitement rewards and special characters which you can earn but you have to be very active to win these. You will see many pro players in these events so you need to face them because that’s how you can get these amazing rewards in this game. Get new customization items and impress your friends.

Multiplayer Mode

You don’t have to play this game alone because Call of Duty provides online multiplayer mode in which you can share your game with your friends and family. You can also create a room where you can add all your friends and there will be no random people. So if you are getting bored then invite your friends to the battle ground to have fun.

Earn Rewards

Call of duty provides many awesome rewards in the form of weapons, outfits, characters and many other items which you can win. You can earn reward from the events, season pass and by completing different missions. So if you think that you have good gaming skills then try to earn all these rewards to make your own collection.


Call of duty has so many customization items which you can use to make your characters unique. But you have to buy those items from the store with money to customize all your things in this game. You can customize your character with new outfits, glasses, hats and accessories. Weapons customization and upgradations are also available in this so enhance the powers of your weapons 

Realistic Graphics

This action shooting game is also known for its high resolution graphics because it gives you options where you can adjust graphics quality, colors and brightness according to your requirements. Call of duty comes in 3D graphics which makes this game realistic while playing.

Unlimited Money

In the Call of Duty game, money is very important because it helps you to buy many items in this game but in the basic version you only get limited money. That’s why the mod version of this game gives unlimited money for free which you can use without restrictions.

Unlocked Game

While playing the Call of Duty game in the standard version you will see many items which will be locked like characters, customization items and maps but in the mod version this game provides you a completely unlocked game which means you can enjoy everything.

Free Premium Items

There are many premium items in Call of Duty which are paid but if you want all those premium items for free then get this game in mod version because only this version provides all premium items free of cost.

Auto Aim

Sometimes aiming on the right target becomes very hard, which is why the mod version of the Call of Duty game provides this amazing feeling where you don’t need to work hard. You will get an auto aim feature which means you will never lose any of your targets because of this amazing feature. 


If you are also impressed with the quality features of Call of Duty, then you can get this game from our website and don’t forget to share your feedback about this game with other players in the comment box.



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