Battle your way through a visually-stunning fantasy RPG realm with hundreds of Champions from 15 playable factions.
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May 17, 2023
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There are different genres of games liked by different types of people. But the role playing action games are the most demanding games nowadays. People like to control their fictional characters in online fighting games to defeat other users of the game. One of the most impressive RPG fighting battlefield game is Raid Shadow Legends. It has a huge gameplay that will addict you to it.

It has brilliant features and gaming modes with variety of missions. It has a captivating storyline that will engulf your interest completely. There are many useful tools and items that will help you to defeat other players in battlefield. It has different gaming levels full of different missions. You won’t get bore with this game in fact it will become your favorite partner in free times.

As the game has a variety of tools and adventurous missions it has millions of players, playing it daily. It has a huge players community that plays almost ten million battles every day. The fighting arena is difficult still the controls of the game are every simple and easy to use.


There is an original version of the game called Raid Shadow Legends APK available online. This gaming application is developed by Plarium Global Ltd for Android, iOS, and PC users. It is a free to download game that offers you both free and paid features. The gameplay is of a functional world Teleria that is on the verge of destruction and you need to save it.

There are different gaming modes available for both single and multiplayer but each mode demand internet connection. There are hundreds of powerful warriors of Teleria, you need to summon them and train them to build your army. You need to kill dangerous and powerful bosses like dragons, ice golem and fire knights etc. Make your warriors walking weapons and earn valuable rewards by winning missions and battles. There will be weapons and affinities for both champions and enemies.


The hacked version of the game Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK is also available on the internet. It is a modification of the real game therefore contains all the features and options of apk game. It is a 100% free game that you can download from our website. All the basic and premium features are unlocked and free to use.

It is protected application with no bug issue. The mod apk game provides you an interface exactly like apk version but with ads free gameplay. You get unlimited gaming currency to purchase whatever tool you want. You also get unlimited energy to play as much as you want. All the locked levels, missions, champions warriors, weapons, powers and all other tools are open for access in this modified game.


There are more than 650 champion warriors available. You need to summon them and convince them to join you against evil. These warriors according to their strengths are categorized as common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary. You need to train them hard and strong like a real weapon. There will be knights, sorcerers, elves and other.


Portals are the summoning pool where you open different shards containing the souls of past warriors. There are 4 types of shards each has different categories of champions. The Mystery Shard has common, uncommon and rare warriors. Ancient Shard and Void Shard contain rare, epic and legendary warriors. While the forth Sacred Shard has epic and legendary champions.


Buffs and debuffs are the effects cause to the champion while battling. The buffs are the positive effects that increase the stars and abilities. And debuffs are the negative effects that reduce the ability.


There is a specific affinity for both warriors and enemies. These affinities are magic(blue), Spirit(green), Force(red), Void(purple). Opponents with same affinity cause no buffs and debuffs. The magic is stronger than spirit and weaker than force. Spirit is stronger than force but weak to magic. Force is stronger to magic but weak to spirit. The fourth Void has no weakness.


Every person has different taste therefore different gaming modes are available. You can choose which to play from Campaign, Dungeon, Arena, Clan Boss and Faction war. Each mode has different themes and requirements.


You can either play single player levels or multiplayer. The single player is also an online mode in which you need to solve 12 difficult levels. Each level contains 7 different missions of different difficulty level. You need to complete previous levels before unlocking the new one.


The player vs player online battlefield arena is the basic mode of the game for which it is developed. Your warriors team will fight with the team of other players of different areas. You need to defeat them to earn valuable gems and other rewards.


There are two types of gaming currency available in the game. The one is silver and the other is precious gems. It is easy to collect silver but gems are rare. You must unlock the mine and increase your chance of getting more gems.


There are different bats that appear on player while fighting. The green bar on top tells the health points HP. The yellow beneath is the turn meter. Also the blue buffs and red debuffs appear near the HP bar.


The gameplay provided by Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK is free from all kind of ads disturbance. It provides you a clear interface so play as much you want without any interruption.


The paid premium section of the apk game is also available in the modified game. But the difference is that you can use all the pro features and tools without paying any premium amount in the mod apk game.


All the currency silver and gems are provided in an unlimited amount by the mod apk version. You can use them to improve your gaming. Also you get a lot of Health Points.


All the locked champion warriors and gaming levels are unlocked in the hacked game. This modified application offers locked, unlocked, paid, unpaid every tool for free.


The Raid Shadow Legends has different gameplays with hundreds of legendary warriors. With its amazing features and tools you will surely have a satisfactory experience. The warriors, weapons, powers, battlefield and almost every feature will leave you awestruck.

There are different gameplays in different modes select the one you want to play. The graphics are well designed and create a perfect fictional movie look. Download it to explore the world of magic and battle between evil and good.



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