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Battle your way through a visually-stunning fantasy RPG realm with hundreds of Champions from 15 playable factions.
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Action role play games have also received so much recognition among the people because these types of games bring a lot of excitement in people’s life. In these games the main aim of the character is to bring back a better environment, for example if we talk about Raid Shadow legends then in this game you will also be doing the same thing which is you will have to save the world of Telleria from the different Evil forces and the most exciting part of this game is that there are many different exciting characters in this game and you can choose any of your favourite to play this game.

You can even recruit more than one character at a time and play as a team to make this game all enjoyable. Plarium Global limited has also added some other elements as well. Each of the levels in this game has a different name and the different characters and Enemies will appear in these levels. If you want to know more about this amazing game then do read this article.

What is the Raid Shadow Legends game?

Raid Shadow Legend is a role play game in which you will be fighting against the evil forces that are trying to destroy your area. In this game you will have to fight the battles with them and remove them from the area. You will be able to raid their homes and destroy them with the help of the different abilities that you have.

What is the Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the Raid Shadow Legends. In this hacked version the user will be able to get unlimited gems and will also be able to get all the characters unlocked so that you can choose any of your favourite to play the game.

How to get buffs in Raid Shadow Legends?

In this game actually the shadow legends will help you to get the buffs whenever you will unlock a new Shadow Legend you will get a buff with it . You can get these legends by playing different Quest and campaigns you will also be able to upgrade them.

How to get 5 stars in Raid Shadow Legends?

When you first start the game then you will get to do the raids that will let you earn only one star but when you will get familiar with the gameplay and start to defeat more gym leaders then you will be able to unlock the raid that will help you to get the 5 Star. These are called Max raids.

Features of the Raid Shadow Legends

Different levels

This game features 5 different levels that have different difficulty levels. These levels are also named accordingly. The first level is called the common level and the last level is called the legendary level in which you will be able to use the strongest characters.

12 different locations

This game also contains a campaign map in which there are 12 different locations where you can perform the missions. In all these locations there will be different kinds of enemies and you will have to defeat them by using different legends.

Get different legends

You can get different legends in this game but these legends are actually the buffs that will be given to your character and in this way you will be able to perform certain actions against your enemies. You can get more than one legend at a time and in this way you can create a team out of it.

Upgrade your legends

This game will let you perform certain actions that will help you to get the Silver points. With the help of these points you will be able to upgrade your character so that he becomes more fierce.

Massive Battles

You will also be able to fight the massive battles with other Bosses. These fights will let you win a lot of rewards and you will also be able to get many powerful weapons in this way as well.

Features of the Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK

Unlimited Gems

This hacked version will provide you with unlimited gems.

Unlocked legends

All the legends Will Be unlocked in this modified version.

Ads free

This modified version will also provide you with an ads free environment.


Raid Shadow Legends is an amazing gameplay that will let you play the role of many different characters and you can also get a lot of buffs and upgrades in this game as well, however if you want to play this game without any restriction then you can download its modified version from our website.


Q. How much energy will be provided to me in Raid Shadow Legends?

You will get 1200 energy per day.

Q. How to upgrade a character in Raid Shadow Legends?

You will have to spend the gems in order to upgrade your character.



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