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YouCut is free Video Editor, pro Video Maker with music for all social media. Full screen video editing experience just for you.
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YouCut is one of the most popular video editing apps. Not only young people, anyone can use YouCut, including professionals and amateurs in the field of video editing.

About YouCut

YouCut is a versatile video editing application that offers a wide range of features to create and enhance videos directly from your mobile device. Developed by InShot Inc., YouCut is designed to be user-friendly while providing professional-grade editing tools. This app caters to content creators, social media enthusiasts, and anyone looking to produce polished and visually appealing videos. The following is a detailed description of the YouCut app, highlighting its key features, functionality, and overall impact.


YouCut is a video editing application that allows users to trim, merge, add music, insert transitions, and apply various effects to their videos. Whether you’re a beginner looking to enhance casual videos or an experienced content creator aiming for a professional touch, YouCut provides a comprehensive set of tools to meet a wide range of editing needs.

Key Features

  1. Video Editing Tools: YouCut offers essential video editing tools, including trimming, cutting, splitting, and merging videos. Users can easily adjust the duration of clips to create seamless and engaging videos.
  2. Filters and Effects: The app provides a variety of filters and effects to enhance the visual appeal of videos. From vintage looks to modern styles, users can choose from a range of options to match the mood of their content.
  3. Text and Stickers: YouCut allows users to add text and stickers to their videos, enabling creative expression and the addition of information, subtitles, or fun elements.
  4. Transitions: Smooth transitions between clips can significantly improve the overall quality of a video. YouCut offers a selection of transitions to make video sequences more polished and professional.
  5. Music and Sound Effects: Users can add background music to their videos or choose from a library of sound effects to enhance the audio experience. The app supports the addition of custom music from the device.
  6. Speed Control: YouCut provides speed control options, allowing users to create fast or slow-motion effects to add dynamism to their videos.
  7. Reverse Video: The ability to reverse video clips adds another layer of creativity, enabling unique visual effects.
  8. Video Compression: For users who want to share their videos on social media or other platforms with size restrictions, YouCut offers video compression options to reduce file sizes without compromising quality.

User-Friendly Interface

YouCut is designed with a user-friendly interface that caters to both beginners and experienced video editors. The layout is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate through the various editing tools and features.

High-Quality Output

Despite being a mobile video editing app, YouCut aims to deliver high-quality output. The app supports HD video export, ensuring that edited videos maintain clarity and resolution.

Impact and Significance

  1. Content Creation: YouCut has become a popular choice for content creators across social media platforms. Its ease of use and feature-rich environment make it an accessible tool for producing engaging and visually appealing content.
  2. Versatility: The app’s versatility caters to a broad audience, from casual users wanting to enhance personal videos to influencers and vloggers looking to create professional-looking content.
  3. Mobile Editing: YouCut’s mobile-centric design allows users to edit videos on the go. This flexibility is particularly valuable for creators who want to produce content without the need for desktop editing software.

Community Reception

YouCut has generally received positive reviews from users, with praise for its simplicity, robust features, and the ability to produce high-quality edited videos directly on mobile devices.


In conclusion, YouCut stands out as a powerful yet accessible video editing app that empowers users to create impressive content directly from their mobile devices. With a range of features including video editing tools, filters, transitions, and more, YouCut caters to the diverse needs of content creators and video enthusiasts. Its impact is reflected in its positive reception within the community, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to elevate their video editing capabilities on the go.

MOD APK version of YouCut

MOD feature

  • Pro Unlocked

FAQs about YouCut

  • How to compress, convert, and export files on YouCut?

It is the inconsistency of the format and the difficulty of exporting the file that can lead to various consequences such as unrecognition, or quality loss. YouCut can help you overcome this obstacle.

This app has flexible file compression with many different resolution levels and also has a feature that allows exporting files to many different formats such as .mp4 standard HD, Full HD, and even 4K (with a fee feature).

As for the file compression process on YouCut, you can usually compress up to 90% of the capacity without losing the original quality, so don’t worry.

  • Is it possible to edit clips automatically in YouCut to save time?

If you don’t want to manually edit every detail, because you need to quickly post on social networks or need to use clips urgently, you can use the built-in Smart Auto feature set on YouCut. Specifically, you can blur animations and videos, apply color to videos, a variety of transition effects are available in the library, convert videos into a square format, fast-forward and slow-motion, dub music, and merge background effects.

  • After editing the video, can it be shared quickly?

Absolutely and this is also one of YouCut’s strengths. YouCut has close links with video-based social networks such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Signal… With just a button or two, you can upload your video to social networks.

  • Is YouCut free?

YouCut can be downloaded for free from the Google Play app store. But quite a few features are limited. To use all of the video editing capabilities mentioned above, you have to pay for the app, either monthly or annually. Or a simpler way, download the APK file of YouCut MOD on APKMOD.CC.

Download YouCut APK & MOD for Android

YouCut is a good, intuitive, efficient, straight-to-the-point app that focuses entirely on video editing, with no fringe features. Because of the focus, each feature is very outstanding and professional, valuable for long-term use, not superficially catching the trend. When you need to seriously process and edit videos, remember to download YouCut to your device.

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