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NEW: Space stations! Research, build and customize your own international space station. Manage, crew, fuel, power, production and its resources.
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Feb 8, 2020
Apr 5, 2024
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This game is in a early release and is updated constantly. Almost every week more content is added. Everything in-game is free. If you like the genre and are willing to help and give some feedback about this game, feel free to try it out!

Lots of credits, crystals and research points.

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Tiny Space Program explores space-related content, providing fun and excellent work for space enthusiasts. The system offers you a wide range of options from company layouts, factories, and spaceship launchers. You find, develop your research station at any place on the planet, and earn income from various jobs. Daily challenges will be solved after the player receives the system’s request.

Tiny Space Program


The system will support the tiny Space Program’s space flights. Sometimes you will have problems with fuel because they become scarce and expensive. Don’t worry; the new session has upgraded the fuel generators and allows you to spawn them right in the spaceship. Significant resources are added to the mining list to help you get more income from this job. Some of the fuels of interest will become more common in the future.

In addition, players can control their decisions with the type of plasma fuel. A new world beyond Earth is known. These fuels will be extracted directly from this new planet, and you will use unique vehicles and tools to find them. As customer trips help you earn extra income, travel routes to outer space are multiplied. You will feel satisfied with these amazing changes!

Tiny Space Program


Tiny Space Program will support players in building a small research station in outer space from an empty land with disadvantages for construction work. Your job is to design and give it a complete campus. The buildings erected are all for the development of the spaceship industry, fuel production, and customer attraction. You will manage the space station with the best policies.

Over time, the player can expand and grow based on the number of coins acquired. If you have economic problems, the process of performing tasks and jobs can help you recover your capital or earn a lot of extra money. Stations can recruit more builders so more ships can be built. Out in space, a new economy owned by you becomes a bold idea. Special studies on unmanned ships or simulating a normal life beyond Earth are possible. We don’t limit your creative thinking; building your empire is a great idea!

Tiny Space Program


Becoming the manager of the research station in the Tiny Space Program, the player will have to work more to ensure the station’s development. Spaceships can travel to other planets and help you find unique, forgotten items. The trips will increase the number of participants, and you can see it as a great trip. In order for passengers to be satisfied with this unique transportation service, you will have to upgrade your train more often.

What would you do if you are a billionaire? owning your own space program, managing, researching and building new space ships, mining on planets and moons, bringing tourist into space for a space walk or just sending researchers to explore what is out there.

In Tiny Space Program, like modern space companies such as Spacex, Blue origins and Virgin Galactic, you decide/manage what rockets you launch, if you want to bring tourists to Mars and The Moon, or start a mining operation on IO, Titan, Europa or Pluto. You manage and simulate the early colonization of our near future of our interplanetary society and learn what kinds of challenges exists for such an endeavor.

– Space Program Manager.
– Building off-world colonies and outposts.
– Launch Space Ships and rockets into orbit.
– Research different technologies,
– Mine resources from stellar bodies,
– Character progression of astronauts
– Spacesuits
– Based on real orbital mechanics and ship propulsion
– Establish Off-world economies

Features – to be implemented
– much more rockets and space ships.
– Space stations
– Drones and idle rovers
– Orbital Factories – Capital ships
– Facilitating space colonies
– Colonies to trade with
– Stellar bodies beyond Pluto
– Interstellar Travel.
– (idle) Trade routes and automation (idle production)

What's new

Tourist Update
- VIP tourist with extra tips and bonusses
- rebalance tourist rewards
- improved UI
- other bugfixes.



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