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When smartphones are new, running games are one of the most popular games on smartphones. There is no one in the world who will not know about Subway Surfers. It is a super addictive casual running game to play on a smartphone. This game features different special events with its updates which are very fun to play and also very rewarding.

You also have many different cute and weird-looking characters available in this game that you can use. In the starting, you will have only Jack available and you can play with this character. By progressing in the game you can unlock more characters and can play with them. The thing you have to do in this game is simply run on the track and not get hit by the obstacles.

What is the Subway Surfers APK?

This is a very addictive running game. This is the version of this game in which you will have a few restrictions that you have to follow. You have to write on the train tracks in this game where there are different trains at opticals in your path that you have to overcome. You have to score high in the game and also don’t have to get hit by obstacles because your one mistake will make you lose. You also have keys available in the game that you can use to escape when you get caught. While running you can pick up coins and can find mystery boxes and power-ups that will allow you to score easily.

Best features of Subway Surfers Premium APK

Running game

This is one of the most popular and addictive running games to play on your mobile. It has millions of positive reviews and billions of downloads.

Special events

With each update of this game, there will be special events that the game features and you can participate in these events to get useful rewards.

Unlock characters

There are many different types of characters available in the game. Many female and male characters are available which are very cute and cool looking.

Different cool skateboards

There are also skateboards available that you can use while running which will make your experience cooler and you will also not get caught if you get hit while you have the skateboard.

Collect coins

While running on the track you can see many coins available in your path. You can pick up these coins and use them in the shop.

Unlimited keys and coins

You have unlimited keys and coins available to use in the premium version of this game available on the website.

What is the use of Subway Surfers Premium APK?

This is the premium version of this game that you can download on your mobile from this website. In this version of the game, you will have an unlimited amount of keys and coins available to use in the game and you can use these to buy the different items from the shop and to unlock every character and skateboard available.

New features of Subway Surfers Premium APK

Use keys to escape

You can pick up the keys as well that are available in your track in this game and you can use these keys to escape when you get caught.

Score higher to defeat friends

You can connect this game to your Facebook or Google account where you can compare your score with your friend’s score and can also score higher to defeat your friends.

Purchase items from the shop

You can pick up the coins while reading and you can use these coins to purchase various items from the shop like jetpacks, mystery boxes, and many more things.

Ads free

There is no one who likes to experience the ads while they are playing the game and in the premium version of this game available on the website, you will get an ads-free experience.

Why Subway Surfers Premium APK is so worth downloading?

This is definitely worth downloading because of the many cool features it offers. You have an unlimited amount of coins and keys available in this game and you can use these to buy different things from the shops and to escape unlimitedly while you get caught. The ads that you have experienced in the simple version of this game are also not there in this version.

Final Words

People who are looking for fun and addictive games would definitely love this game because you can play this game casually on your mobile. There are no daily missions or logging stuff in this game. You just have to choose your character and you have to start running on train tracks while picking up the items and dodging the obstacles.

What's new

- Subway Surfers presents the Supernova girl band! Travel to Las Vegas with stellar girl runners for Women's History Month.
- Unlock Stella, the singing superstar, in the Season Challenge and get her Interstellar Board in the Daily Login Calendar!
- Plant Invasion is back! Avoid the dangerous vines to win the all new Astra, and unlock her Astro Tune Board in the Season Hunt



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