Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money, Stars, Energy)

Unleash the Fun in this Non-Stop Action Adventure Game similar to Scary Teacher 3D!
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Mar 15, 2017
Mar 24, 2024
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Bob always gets mischievous when he comes across strangers. An old man moved near his house. Rumor has it that he was a school teacher once. It’s been Bob’s dream to tease a teacher all his life. The stranger looks suspicious and scary. No one knows his name and where he came from, Only known fact about him is that once he was a teacher. Everyone is scared of him except bob. He lives an isolated life and does not socialize with anyone.

It’s now a perfect opportunity for Bob to tease the new neighbor. Life has become boring for Bob as his mischievous instincts are looking for some fun but his activities are no more a secret for the people of his town. His new target is a scary stranger and it’s for sure that strange things are about to happen in Bobville.

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited stars
  • Unlimited energy
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Scary Strange 3D gives players moments of suspense and sometimes fear with thrilling hide-and-seek phases and tips that require sharpness from the player. Coming to the game, the player will transform into a boy trying to scare away the scary man trying to catch him. Try to run away from the danger lurking for you because who knows what will happen if that man sees you.

Scary Stranger 3D


Bob is exceptionally mischievous when he meets strangers to him. One day an older adult moved in near Bob’s house, and since then, there were rumors that the strange older adult was once a teacher at a school in another town. Bob’s dream is to tease a teacher all the time, so this is the perfect subject for him to play tricks on. The mysterious man was always highly suspicious.

No one knew his name, and it was impossible to guess where he came from. All they know is that he is a person who should not be touched because of the mystery emanating from him because he does not communicate with anyone and always maintains a distance from everyone around. Bob has caused things to make the man angry, and now he has to pay for his mischief when being chased fiercely and extremely fiercely.

Scary Stranger 3D


Now that Bob has a perfect object to perform his mischievous pranks without even knowing that danger is lurking, players will be able to play the role of that playful boy and participate in the implementation of the naughty joke. If you are a fan of the horror game genre but don’t want to play a game that is too scary, then this is the perfect game for you, not only the fun it brings but also the featuresβ€”attractive factor when you are always in a state of escape with no safe moment.

Scary Stranger 3D


The game revolves around thrilling chases between Bob and the mysterious man chasing the boy, and Bob will pay the price by being hunted down due to the mischief he caused. During the chase. Players will be using a lot of tips and different tools to escape more easily, creating a richness in gameplay to make the game more wonderful. Remember, don’t stop because the mysterious man will pursue you fiercely wherever you are.


Playing the role of a naughty boy, the player not only plays the game just to run away but can also use his understanding and the tools he finds to perform a counterattack to drive the man away from the house or slow down the pursuit. Hold on to him so you can increase the distance during your escape. Choose for yourself special tools, nestle in places obscured by the man’s view, and perform counterattacks to create surprises and bring joy to the stressful game process by hiding and seeking.

Scary Stranger 3D


There are two most important things that players need to do: hide and run away. You’ll always have to find a safe spot on your escape route so you can quickly hide from the man’s line of sight. He is extremely alert, so you must avoid causing unnecessary movements that reveal your position. After successfully hiding from the pursuer’s range, you will take the opportunity to break out of a safe hiding place to move gradually to the exit. Remember that escaping is not easy when the exit door is locked. To run, the player needs to move around the house, find clues in his favor, and finally get out.

Do you feel bored and want to have some fun. Help Bob in completing playful tasks and create problems for the stranger. Let’s see how naughty you are. This game is scary and fun at the same time.

β€’ High Quality 3D Graphics!
β€’ Amazing Sounds!
β€’ Smooth and Easy Controls!
β€’ Interesting activities!
β€’ Direction map and Hints!
β€’ Addictive



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