Raft Survival Forest 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Health/Stamina)

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Mar 13, 2020
Mar 14, 2024
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when you are trying to escape from wildland or island, you have to prey animals to maintain your health and sometime stromfall & bigfoot animals will try to hunt you to have delicious dinner so be active and don’t forget to collect health leaves to heal your health in this escape 3d survive game or survival craft game.

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • ADS Packed Purchased ( No ADS)

Raft Survival Forest 2 is a survival game where the player is transported to a strange place after a plane crash. They will control the character to move to different locations to interact with environmental factors and face dangerous wild animals. At the same time, with a specific survival goal, players will be able to move to ideal locations where they can rest and put some necessary things like a campfire.

Raft Survival Forest 2


In Raft Survival Forest 2, the player will wake up from a plane crash and appear in a strange location. But the lucky thing is that the player can find a wooden box containing some necessary items to help the player survive. Players will explore the environment and interact with environmental elements to collect essential items. So surely, this is a completely mysterious and challenging journey for players.

Players will control the character from a first-person perspective with the same control operations as in other survival games. Players will be able to see which items and objects they can interact with due to their effects. Specifically, when you approach these items, their appearance will become completely outstanding, and your job is to perform attacks until they disappear.

Raft Survival Forest 2


One point that any player will need to pay attention to is the character’s stats in Raft Survival Forest 2, and it will continuously decrease over time. Therefore, the player will need to find the necessary elements to process the dish, and the player will need to collect the ingredients for processing. You can use the starting materials you got from the wooden box or find wild animals and attack them with your weapons.

Players will see survival goals, and your job is to try to complete them. At the same time, you can also see pre-marked locations, and sometimes that’s where you’ll need use to build a getaway. For example, you can find a suitable location to place a campfire and access the list of items you can craft. They can be costumes, weapons, or tools that help you collect materials.

Raft Survival Forest 2

βš’οΈ Crafting

You can craft the different items to survive, home and other things to live on ocean is home. Pick different items from inventory in this survival island adventure to live for long time.

🚣 Travel around Different Islands

You have different island to travel and explore. You need to collect the wood from trees and make raft to travel into next island in this jeu de survive.

🏠 Building Home

As you know you are trapped in to dangerous and Unknown Island and you don’t know how many days and nights you have to spend in this Hunting simulator. So build home to survive for a long time otherwise wild and dangerous animals will hurt you.

πŸŒ… πŸŒƒ Day And Night Mode

It is hard to survive in forest when you have nothing to eat and spend days and nights in this horror jungle games. So join this island escape adventure.

πŸ— Fight with Wildland Animals

Jungle game while you are collecting items to build the home, fire leaves in night, be careful because wild animals are behind you and they can hunt you or you can prey.

πŸ™Ž Tasks

Monster islands where you have to perform different tasks like collect leaves for campfire and different tools to perform the tasks successfully Tools like hatchet, axe & torch, use equipment (Bone hamlet, wood & leather shoes) use weapons (Bow, wood spear, iron spear & bone club).



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