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Polygon: "My Child Lebensborn tells a disturbing tale about innocents in the aftermath of WW2”
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Aug 28, 2023
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Polygon: “My Child Lebensborn tells a disturbing tale about innocents in the aftermath of WW2”
LevelUp: β€œThe strongest game experience that I have ever had.”

Many games often do not want to convey to players feelings of excitement or entertainment but instead have stories that greatly impact their emotions. A perfect example is My Child Lebensborn, a simulation game based on true stories about the growth of innocent children in a hostile environment. Moreover, the game will also let players explore the community’s mindset and immerse themselves in stories or memorable moments when interacting with children.


In My Child Lebensborn, the player adopts a Lebensborn child, an innocent post-WW2 victim from Norway. From there, take over all aspects of the child’s life, and embark on arduous and emotional journeys in a hostile society. Furthermore, the player can decide the gender of the child, and each choice has many new influences or dimensions for the player to enjoy a novel storyline. Above all, changing the gender of the children can lead to various problems. Still, these are good opportunities for players to take care of and protect the children mentally or physically. All the developments in the story promise to leave a deep impression on the players’ minds and teach them about the right ways to live for the innocent and unfortunate victims.

My Child LebensbornMy Child Lebensborn

My Child Lebensborn, now out in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean!

You adopt a young Lebensborn child in Norway after WW2, but parenting will be hard as your child grows up in a hostile and hateful environment. See a different side of the war, inspired by the true stories of the Lebensborn children. Discover how hatred of our enemies continues to create victims, even after victory.

Discover their past and support them in the present. You must balance your time and resources to provide for your child. You will find answers to the hard questions; about their history, the hatred, bullying and the passing of blame.

Can you help Klaus/Karin cope with the heavy inheritance of the German occupation, so they will find their place in a country that is celebrating its freedom.
You can make the difference.

Key Features:
– Influence the child’s feelings, personality and worldview through your choices.
– Look for the effects of your choices in your child’s expressions and body language.
– Explore a gripping storyline based upon true events.
– Earn money as you work, then cook, craft, forage and play.
– Use your time and meager resources wisely.
– Adopt a boy or girl, and support them through a defining year of their life.

Warning: This game is based on difficult and heavy topics, not suitable for young children.

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What's new

What is new in the Remaster?
Make new memories, interact in more activities, and spend more time with your child. From skipping stones to crafting paper hats, and an all new fishing minigame.
My Child Lebensborn has been remastered with improved graphics, completely updating every scene in the game.


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