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Make the right Decisions in every situation you get into, as you play our interactive stories. Get your share of fun living and making choices in our interesting stories that depict love, drama, adventure, fantasy, and much more!
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Jul 26, 2018
Feb 8, 2024
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Will you make the right choices and decisions to get the stories, romance & love you want – in this chapters for all interactive story games & role play games enthusiasts – discover the episode you love, make sure to choose your story in this love game!


  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited moves
  • Unlimited all chapters (About chapter, you need to go to read chapter 1 then log out again to see the list of chapters)


  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Movements
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Decisions: Choose Your Stories is probably not too strange for those who love role-playing games. Although it has been released for a long time, the game’s popularity has not stopped because of the excitement in each story it brings. It is a game where players can do whatever they like and make any choice or decision without any limitations or restrictions. And there is no right or wrong in each choice, but it will lead to many different outcomes to help you have more experiences.


Coming to Decisions: Choose Your Stories you will play as a character, and you are almost the main character in most of the stories. You will discover your own story and choose the direction that feels most reasonable. You should prepare a strong mentality because the world you enter will have a lot of exciting things waiting. Especially stories always have an unpredictable element of surprise, so you must always be proactive in every situation to avoid making unfortunate decisions. Please choose your favorite stories and start experiencing them in a fun way.

Each story in the game will consist of many chapters, and you can choose any chapter, not necessarily starting from the whole story. You will be drawn into the world of fascinating stories, funny situations, and you are the ones who hold the destiny in your hands. This will be an opportunity for you to know more about various situations that you rarely encounter in life or have experienced and how you come up with a solution to each of them. It can also be an adventure for someone who has been through a stormy life before.


What will make you excited about coming to this game is the freedom to do whatever you like without having to depend on anything. If you’ve ever thought that life is simply a series of choices and always have to make every decision, then this game is definitely suitable for you. You are the one to decide your own life without any compromise or judgment from anyone.

You will enjoy the feeling of living in another life, enjoying everything that revolves around your life without having to think about anything. Each choice you make will lead to different endings, and it may or may not be what you expected. You can still play the same story repeatedly, and changing the treatments will yield different results. But the most important thing is that you really lived the way you wanted and the way you felt most free.

Start making the right choices for you to build the right love chapters & adventures with story games!
Role play your way to the stories you love in this episode role playing love simulator & choose your story games.

Get to experience a role playing games world where you can choose your own adventure episode and find what you really can call – my love, my story in this choose your story games.

This is a role playing games for real love games & role play lovers , your choices are the thing that will matter the most in a true story games simulator, so choose your story right – feel what’s it’s like to share your romance narratives and feel confident saying this is my story in game!

Get drawn into a world of compelling multiple chapters stories & role-playing where you can take the reins of destiny in your hands and decide for yourself, create something you can really call β€œmy story” – no compromises, no judgments, and no holding back unbelievable interactive story games experience. Live your life the way you’d like to in the love game simulator. Make a bold decision in each episode and watch how your roleplay story unfolds. Read a genre that suits your mood – teen drama, rom-com, love or suspense. You have unforgettable titles to choose from – choose your own adventure simulator!

Get ready to go on roleplay interactive story games & adventure games that offer fun and surprising twists. Experience college drama, fall in love again, or uncover hidden agendas. Make love choices, go through exciting chapters, live different lives and enjoy unique outcomes. Get started now and find out what saying β€œmy love” really means in one of a kind role playing games!

Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice presents roleplay stories with visuals and animations.

Download Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice – fun love games immerse in some of the most impressive chapters you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

Features: – Choose your story games!

– Customize your character.
– Multiple episode choices.
– Exciting dress-up options.
– Several genres to choose from.
– Make your decisions in visually engaging stories.
– The game is available in 25 languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Filipino, Norwegian, Vietnamese, Thai, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Kazakh, and Malay.

Download Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories and choose your own adventure now!

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