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Unofficial case simulator!
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Dec 25, 2023
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Unofficial case simulator!

Main features:
– x-suit spins and lab
– Lucky spins with guns
– Open case or 10 crate
– Upgrade Gun
– Upgrade Pan
– Upgrade Backpack
– Upgrade Helmet

Collect you dream skin’s collection with this case simulator.

It’s a new case simulator with popular settings. It contains crates with high quality skins. Open cases and check out your luck. Skins saved in simulator’s inventory, you can sell it if needed.

We wanted to collect the largest collection of crates in one cool app.

In this game, there are many other ways to win, and two of those ways are the X-suit spins and the lab. Additionally, players have access to a wide variety of dangerous weaponry in Lucky Spins. You can open the case, but even if you do, the loss won’t be too significant, given that you have 10 crates in reserve. There are numerous things, including the pistol, the pan, the backpack, and the helmet, that have room for improvement.

You are able to plan out the configuration of your ideal set of skins in advance when you use this virtual carrying bag. This improved version of the case simulator incorporates a number of enhancements that have garnered positive feedback from previous users. It already has high-quality skin pre-packaged for you. Try your luck by cracking open a few different cases. The simulator maintains a supply of available skins for buying, selling, or trading at any time. We developed a game-changing program that ticks off every conceivable box to simplify and speed up as many processes as possible.

This simulator offers a number of useful features, one of which is the ability to access up to 10 different cases at once, just like in the actual game. By providing a review on our crate opener, you can let us know how you feel about it, and we will make sure that this simulator is kept as up-to-date as possible. There are a number of different divisions for the many different kinds of weaponry, automobiles, and clothing. It is much easier to get the skin you require if you have a substantial variety to choose from. The fact that it is a simulator stands out as the most important characteristic of this piece of software. This means you will not be able to use your actual account to make any purchases from the virtual store.

The cool feature about this simulator is that you can open 10 cases at one time like in original game.

If you like game don’t forget to leave review about this crate opener and we would update this simulator as often as possible!

Inventory here has category for gun, vesicles and outfits. It would be easier for you to find certain skin if you have a lot of them.

And want to say the most important thing – this app is a simulator. That mean you can’t get any of items in you real account

What's new

Created new Lucky Spin:
The Fool's Blessing

You can spin 1 or 10 times at once. There are an upgradable guns SCAR-L in two types of skins.
New GDPR consent has been added to Settings button for EU users
Please review our case simulator pubg it helps with developing new features


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