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Shoot the balls and upgrade your cannon, how long can you survive?

Ball Blast is a game with straightforward gameplay where you will control the cannon to destroy rocks of different sizes. They have characteristics that you will identify and dodge to continue the level quickly. At the same time, the number of levels in the game is also wholly diverse, and you can meet more challenging enemies at essential stages. From there, you will need to increase the power with the coins you earn.

Ball BlastBall Blast


The gameplay that players find in Ball Blast is straightforward as you will control a cannon equipped with wheels that can move freely left or right. You will need to destroy the numbered rocks into smaller pieces until they are destroyed. So, this can be seen as gameplay that any player can approach, and they will overcome the levels that this game brings.

The control method is straightforward when swiping the screen left or right to dodge the falling rocks on the ground. These rocks all have different sizes, and the point they have is that they can hit the ground and continue to bounce in the air. From there, you’ll need to move accurately to avoid them falling off your cannon. So you will both shoot them and dodge carefully, and fearsome enemies will gradually appear before your eyes.

Ball BlastBall Blast


As mentioned above, each rock has a different shape and size in Ball Blast, and they will become hard to destroy in one go after you go through many levels in the game. The number on each rock will be reduced as you continuously fire your bullets at them. From there, when this number returns to zero, then they will break and create smaller rocks that continue to hit the ground and bounce into the air. Therefore, choosing the right target will also be essential.

The number you can see on each rock will start in the tens, but they will reach the hundreds you need to be careful of. The number and size of stones will increase, so players will also need impressive complete dodging skills to confront many later levels. At the same time, when you complete a certain level, you will go to a significant level and face impressive bosses with more serious difficulty.

Some bosses will not fall to the ground like other ordinary stones but will continuously drop other rocks to attack the player. So you will both attack the rocks they drop and the boss until they explode. If the boss explodes, everything related to it will also wholly disappear with it. It can be said that the critical goal that players need to focus on is the boss, and the game will also give you the power to fight strong enemies.

Ball BlastBall Blast

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