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Xeno Command is a paid game that provides a free trial. You can unlock all content by purchasing the full game.
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Nov 4, 2022
Jan 18, 2024
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Welcome aboard Xeno Command, a real-time strategy offline game fused with roguelike elements. Here you can lead a strong army with powerful heroes to defend the galaxy against Alien invasion in the challenging battles.

  • Damage multiplier
  • God mode
  • Unlocked full game

Purchased the full version of the game

Developers menu unlocked (it’s in Chinese!). To open it, press during the game on the upper left button (the pause menu will open), then – on the lower right inscription Debug. List of features by sections:
unnecessary functions – copy the device ID, open the main menu, unlock the full version of the game

Progress – open all heroes, open all levels
Battle – complete the current campaign, complete the current level, +100 and -100 to the health of the main building

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Greetings, and thank you for choosing to play Xeno Command, an offline real-time strategy game with roguelike aspects. During these intense fights, you’ll have the opportunity to command a formidable army stocked with potent heroes as you fight to protect the galaxy from an alien invasion.

Planets are in a precarious situation in this age of interplanetary colonization. Heroes from various factions emerge to command formidable armies in the fight against extraterrestrials and to save those who have been victimized. You, the one who will save the universe, will end up being the hero. Take command of your army and defend the planet from invading aliens!

Every hero has a different collection of orders, skills, structures, and units at their disposal. Continue to win battles against foes to collect additional resources that may be used to bolster your army and improve your construction. To achieve victory in the conflicts, make the most of your orders and technologies by combining them with a sound strategy.

RTS games are your thing, huh? Sci-fi lover? Who among you enjoys robots and mecha? Participate in real-time strategy action on the go with Xeno Command on your mobile device! In this war game with just one person, you can choose your hero, command an army, devise strategies, and defend the galaxy against an alien attack.


  • You don’t need an internet connection to play; you may do it whenever and anywhere you choose.
  • There is no need to break up the forces, and the controls are straightforward to understand, thanks to the thoughtfully crafted orders.
  • battlegrounds that are constantly shifting, along with randomly generated levels, conflicts, and objectives
  • Each faction has a hero, commands, talents, structures, and units that are all their own
  • Choose one of these three random Tech prizes, each with a unique perk and skill. Every choice you make has the potential to affect your future.
  • Planets with wildly contrasting aesthetics and topographies, such as Barren, Lava, Machine, and Warped Space, can be found here.
  • Robots, Marines, Flying troops, Laser Towers, and Supply Depots are all part of this enemy’s forces. Conquer your foe by leading an army consisting of several different types of soldiers to battle
  • dozens of fortifications that must be unlocked to provide adequate protection for the base;
  • The fights will be made more interesting by the inclusion of over one hundred distinct alien monsters and bosses
  • Standard, Challenging, or Do You Prefer It Crazy? Strategic preparation is essential to achieving victory in battle.

In the era of interstellar colonization, planets are in crisis. Heroes from different factions stand out to lead powerful armies against aliens and rescue the sufferers. You, the savior of the galaxy, are going to be the hero. Lead your army and combat alien invasions!

Each Hero has their unique sets of commands, skills, constructions and units. Keep defeating enemies to obtain more resources to build up your army and construction. Make full use of your commands and techs with strategy to win the battles.

Game Features
β˜… Offline game – Play anytime anywhere with no worry of internet connection;
β˜… Easy control – No need to split troops and easy to get the hang of the controls with specially designed commands;
β˜… Roguelike elements – Ever-changing battlefields with randomly generated levels, battles and missions;
β˜… 4 Unique Factions – Each faction with unique Hero, commands, skills, constructions, and units;
β˜… 100+ random Techs – Select 1 out of 3 random Tech rewards with special buffs and skills. Every decision might alter your fate;
β˜… Galaxy exploration – Various planets with distinct styles and landscapes including Barren, Lava, Machine, and Warped Space;
β˜… Combat Units – Bots, Marines, Flying troopers, Laser Towers, and Supply Depots. Lead the army of all kinds of soldiers to attack & conquer your enemy;
β˜… Defensive Constructions – Dozens of defensive buildings for you to unlock to fully protect the base;
β˜… Challenging enemies – More than 100 types of Alien creatures and bosses will spice the battles up;
β˜… Difficulty levels – Normal, Hard or you like it Crazy? Tactical planning is the key to winning the war.

Big fan of RTS games? Sci-fi lover? Robot and mecha enthusiasts? Join Xeno Command and have some RTS spree with your mobile devices! Select Hero, lead an army, use strategy and fight for the galaxy against Alien invasion in this single – player battle game.

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