World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy APK + MOD (Unlimited medals)

War is about to begin.Most powerful legions are waiting for an excellent commander! Lead your army to conquer the world and gain huge military achievements !
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May 31, 2023
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War is about to begin.Most powerful legions are waiting for an excellent commander! Lead your army to conquer the world and gain huge military achievements !

World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy is a game that will help you become a true commander. With a graphic style that brings players back to wartime, the player’s task is to become a leader, a personβ€”a real commander to build his army to conquer the world. With the gameplay that requires high tactics and strategy, the player must make an army from weak to one with his ability. Powerful army ready for fierce and dramatic battles.

World Conqueror 3 – WW2 Strategy game


To conquer the challenges that this game offers, including more than 150 missions of commanding and military construction or more than 30 historical campaigns with three levels that the game provides extremely difficult requires the team The army that the player builds should be superior. To do that, the player must complete the initial tasks that the game offers and create the most reasonable strategy to strengthen and strengthen the military power.

With five different game modes as five challenges that World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy sets for players, to prove themselves as a skilled and capable leader, players must overcome five of these modes with 45 different challenges. The variety of modes will partly help players not get bored. Instead, it will attract players more, the experience with the game will be more enjoyable.

World Conqueror 3 – WW2 Strategy game


From the scenarios that World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy has built, players will be immersed in different world war contexts includes four methods through the years and periods in the fierce war period. In addition, players can choose the countries they want to fight, from the strategies that have been set out before, with their creative direction, attack at the right time, and know-how to back off when necessary. From which will win easily and avoid unfortunate defeat.

【Military Career】———————————————–
***32 historical Campaigns(3 difficulty levels) and 150 military Tasks
***5 Challenge modes to prove your commanding skills and 45 Challenges in total
***Promote your generals, learn new Skills and hire more Generals from prestigious Military Academies
all over the world
***Accomplish assigned Tasks in cities and Trade with merchanrts in ports
***Build various Wonders of the world and explore the Universe

【Conquer the World】———————————————–
***4 scripts from different ages: Conquer 1939, Conquer 1943, Conquer 1950, Conquer 1960
***World pattern changes over time. Choose any country to join the war.
***Choose different sides and countries to gain different awards.

***Real-time game play: you will experience World War II, the Cold War and Modern Warfare
***50 Countries and 200 famous Generals will join this Global War
***148 Military Units available and 35 special general Skills
***12 Technology, including Conventional Weapons, Naval, Air Force, Missiles, Nuclear Weapons,
Space Weapons and etc
***42 wolrd Wonders will play a key role in your victory
***11 Conqueror Achievements awaits you
***Open Auto battle and AI will lead instead of you
***Seamless World Map and zoom in&out
***Support Android x86 (Intel inside devices)

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What's new

【New Content in Conquest Mode】
-More Challenge and rewards in Conquest Battle Pass
-Conquest Challenge in 1960 Chapter

【New Military Operations】
New Military Operation chapter: Operation Overlord



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