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// Currently the game is only in English, we are working on adding more languages in the future
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May 15, 2022
Oct 25, 2023
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Where’s Tess is an offline adventure story in the visual novel genre in the style of anime and sim game about becoming the ultimate travel blogger and influencer.


1. Unlimited Diamonds*
2. Unlimited Crowns*
3. Unlimited Keys*
*never decrease when you spent

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We are nothing but our dreams and desires, aren’t we? But are you brave enough to chase the dreams and to fight for them? Make your own choices and decisions in your fantastic adventure!

Our heroine surely is! Tess decides to quit unloved job and to go on a journey around the globe trying to become the ultimate travel blogger. It wasn’t an easy decision, but new places and people make girl’s heart beat faster. She wants to be famous, she wants to make friends, she wants to be loved!

Would Tess succeed with these uneasy goals? Sure, with your help!


Travel the World!
You will visit amazing places like the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the beaches across Thailand. Don’t forget to take enough photos! Do what you want! Make every episode of your life amazing and create your own love story!

Meet new people!
While travelling you will meet lots of new people and some of these dates will be filled with romance. Chat with them, go to parties, make some friends or even fall in love! Every decision and every choice will lead to different consequences.

Discover new cultures!
All countries have their own story, traditions and values. Taste new food, sing different songs, explore cultural assets. Broaden your horizons during your adventure! Add some cultural diversity to your life!

Be in style!
Famous people are always in focus. Put up a good show and choose the best clothes for every situation: evening dresses, splendid jewelleries and branded goods will definitely help! You can make your love story glamorous.

Become real blogger!
You will gain fans and interact with them through different social apps and networks within the game. Share your thoughts with the subscribers β€” they will definitely love you!

Enjoy exciting plot!
Ups and downs await Tess in every episode, fulfilling the dream has never been easy. Every chapter of her life brings quirks of fate, rich characters with their own goals and secrets, and the real life challenges of becoming a blogger will amaze you!

Constant Updates!
New journeys and adventures come with new episodes and constant updates. More characters, places, clothes and fans in every chapter!

This is an offline game and you don’t need to use Wi-Fi to play it! Want to find more about Tess? Discuss her latest romance? Or send her best regards? Then don’t forget to follow Tess on social media and discuss all her adventure:
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wherestess/
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wheres_tess/
Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/wherestess
Official Discord :https://discord.gg/frcZfwNuaT

What's new

- New lobby design with improved navigation.
- The last purchased dress is now displayed on the main game screen.
- New store design.
- New starter offer for new players.
- Improved resource and price balance.
- Fixed a number of bugs that caused the game to crash.
- Fixed a number of visual bugs in the game.
- Improved content loading.
- The game is now significantly more stable and user-friendly.



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