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War Robots Mod Apk:Action games have taken over the world for good, we all have our own collection of games we prefer. However, many times we get bored of our own favorite games and we look for new things.  If you often get bored of playing the same games, you must go on a hunt to find a game that is a lot more challenging than regular games.

There are a lot of action games in the market but not all games have good graphics or a game plot is similar to other games that we barely enjoy. If you are a kind of individual who only has love for action games, the market is filled with variety but you really should seek for a game that fulfills your passion.

We hunt for games that are unique and as quality worth investing time in. Out of all the games, we have a little soft corner for games that incorporate robots and their history. Transformers have been a part of most of our childhoods. When it comes to selecting a game for the first try most us gravitate towards action games or games in general that have the essence of our childhood.

However, when we talk about robots a specific game name comes to mind, if you have been exposed to a variety of games. Yes! You got that right; we are talking about War Robots Mod Apk. This game is very famous amongst young players who love to play games with a lot of action involved.

If you have a passion about robots and you like to invest all your excess energy in tackling robots this might be the one for you. War Robot is a complete package, it gives you a chance to compete with the opponent robot team. You can customize your robot with features you like.

There are 6 robots in each team and they all fight for success against one another. You can join whichever team you like, either play with friends, against them or come to the battlefield alone. Are you ready to get severely attacked, put your guards up and launch at the opponent team?

You have to dismantle your enemy’s robots, gather all the goods, you have to rapidly collect all the weapons and tools to empower yourself, add speed and durability to your fight. In order to become stronger, you have to fight efficiently, capture and upgrade yourself to become stronger and more influential.


  • More than 50 robots and unique fighting styles

There are more than 50 robots which you can choose from. Variety is always refreshing and playing with the same character each day can get boring. If you are a person who likes to switch things up. This is it for you. In this game the users get to experience various battles and each battle you can use your own weapon and fighting style.

  • Use different weapons

Not only robots, the users can use different weapons each. There are rifles, snipers, guns and other weapons to efficiently face the battlefield. Each time you’re fighting strategy will be different, hence, a new weapon is required to succeed in the battle. For all the boys who love sharp weapons, this will be a good place to fulfill your desire as in real-life you can barely use such things.

  • Customize robot

As if 50 robots were not enough to choose from, this game also gives the users an opportunity to customize their own robot. You can choose the exterior and powers of your robot. People always love things that have their own element, action games give the user an opportunity to build their own warrior.

  • Create your own tribe

You can also develop your own tribe which can have a robot of your liking, you can easily partner up with your friends to fight against nasty opponents. This feature gives the user to add to their strength by choosing robots that fill the void. In a team battle you can effectively collaborate to ensure you succeed.

  • Multi-action gameplay

Nowadays, multi-action game play is a big requirement, nobody wants to play a game that is solo. Well, most of the time we have our friends over and to spend a joyful time we prefer playing digital games. If the game your favorite game has multi-action gameplay then it is a total win-win situation.

  • Have a solo battle

Although multi-action game play is important, sometimes you just need that time alone to relax. In that case you can have fun in a solo battle.

  • Explore various locations

What fun would there be if we had to battle in the same surroundings? The robots have variety, the weapons have variety, so why not locations? War Robots offers its players with multiple locations and a variety of surroundings to keep their interest intact.


  • Anniversary events

There are a variety of events in which you can participate to win coins that will help you upgrade easily.

  • New weapons

There are more new weapons launched for the players to have an efficient battle.


You can download war robots in four easy steps:

  • Click on the download link provided.
  • Alter your phone setting by enabling an unknown source.
  • After the download is complete, click on the button that says install.
  • After installation is done, establish a short cut.


Q. Can we install this game through Google play?

Yes! This game is available on Google play, users can easily find it.

Q. Is War Robots free?

Yes! War robots are free.



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