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On 25 Mar (Mon), Tower of Saviors will hold a brand-new crossover event named “Meiji Swordsman Fighting Evil in the Realms” with the TV anime, “Rurouni Kenshin”. On 25 Mar (Mon), Summoners may summon 7 characters of the “Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story” Diamond Seal series in the “A Swordsman’s Honor” Drawing Machine. Starting from the second week of the crossover campaign, Summoners may even power-release “Kenshin Himura” and “Hajime Saito” to unravel their new forms!
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From 15 Aug (Mon) after maintenance to 4 Sep (Sun), 2 new “Pertinacious Belief” characters will join the “Era of Novelty” Seal Case, namely “Prolonged Benignity – Yulia” and “Star-crushing Strikes – Utu”!

  • Mod Menu
  • One Hit Kill
  • AutoWin
  • Unlimited Skill Usage
  • Unlimited Tile Shift Time
  • AoE Attacks
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Tower of Saviors takes you to a new world in which you have a noble mission. Only you have enough strength to join forces with your teammates to carry out a battle to protect the tower. It will be more interesting when the upgrades are revealed, and we can buy to strengthen ourselves. Modern puzzle game combined with unique action elements promises not to disappoint players. You need to show all your unique abilities and fulfill the game’s challenges.

Tower of Saviors


You need to know your real mission in Tower of Saviors and form a perfect plan from there. Your task now is to choose any hero from the big set of heroes that the game owns. Together with his brothers, making bold plans is what the game wants. You and your teammates will protect your own big tower.

This tower is the place where secret information is kept, and everyone wants to keep it hidden. However, it will not be easy if the other side wants to attack and knock down the tower. You and your friends must fight hard to have a chance to win. Using the map to observe every move, every move on the other side will also help you gain an advantage in this game.

Tower of SaviorsTower of Saviors


The other side will have waves of attacks coming to you, and you need to split your teammates’ tasks. There are strong and decisive teammates who should go straight to deal with attacks, but weaker teammates should go jungle to avoid detection. It would help to destroy monsters on the other team to increase your power. Once your strength reaches its peak, your death will be gone.

More interesting is that you should summon a mage if you encounter a difficult situation. However, you should also buy accompanying items such as speed shoes, universal swords, etc. These weapons will help you fight all your enemies. It would help if you used the trick to lure the enemy into having a chance to attack the opponent’s tower. You and your teammates will immediately win when the enemy tower is broken.


Through the above challenges, we can conclude that the main thing is that we need to protect the center. This center is the tower that possesses a series of classified information and high-level central reports. You and your teammates always uphold the role of protecting the tower. You need to install monsters around the tower so that if the other party’s soldiers come, the monsters will help you attack. Protecting the tower is protecting our lives.

Tower of SaviorsTower of Saviors

The second part of the TOS Fest Rave Party 2022 will start from 15 Aug (Mon) after maintenance to 28 Aug (Sun)! Besides various events that give Summon Coupons, rare Materials and other valuable rewards—such as “Consecutive Login Rewards”, “Accumulative Login Rewards” and “Free Draws Every Week”, etc—there will be skill adjustments to two Black-gold characters, “Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” and “Fealty of the Amazon – Mesopotamia”. Meanwhile, “Summer” will show up in the realms in her swimming suit with a new Challenge mission.

“Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” and “Fealty of the Amazon – Mesopotamia”, the exclusive Black-gold characters will return with their adjusted skills on 15 Aug (Mon) after maintenance.

Tower of Saviors is totally free! Summoners may purchase Diamonds for drawing rare cards, restoring Stamina and extending the Inventory limit, etc.

Join us now to end the war once and for all!

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