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Do you want to play an endless runner game on your mobile device in your boring times? If yes, then you search is end now because we are going to provide you that amazing game in you will face multiple threats while running. Temple run oz is that game which is very interesting to play because of its addictive gameplay. 
In this game you will be chased by an evil creature so you have to save your life from him otherwise he will catch you then your game will be over which is why you have to be very active in your moves. You will experience different environments while running and there will be many hurdles too that’s why you have to face these hurdles and make sure not to hit with any obstacle.
Temple run oz game has multiple characters which you can choose but you have to unlocked them first. There will be multiple powers which will be available on the running track so make to get these powers because it helps a lot to protect yourself.   

What is temple run oz apk?

Temple run is fun game in which you have to run as long as you can but there will be many different environmental hurdles too that you have to face in this game. This game is launched by very famous developers in regular version which is completely free to download so you don’t need money to get this amazing game in your device. 

What is temple run oz mod apk?

Temple run oz also comes in mod version which provides free unlimited coins and gem in this game which you can use to buy all characters in this game. There will be no limits on spending so you can also buy power ups and booster with this unlimited money. All premium items will be unlocked that you can use without any problem. There will be no ads that you have to watch in this version. 

Is temple run oz supports offline mode?

Yes! temple run oz has offline mode which means you can play this game anytime anywhere without internet connection. 

Can I download temple run oz for free?

Yes! temple run oz is fee to download because it is not a paid game so you don’t need money for it. 

Does temple run oz has multiplayer mode?

No! temple run oz only has single player mode which means there is no multiplayer mode in this game. 


Face demon creature

Temple run oz game has demon creature which will chase you after stealing the treasure from the cave so you have to run for your life otherwise he will catch you then your game will be over. While running you will see different environments and there will be different obstacles that’s why you need to stay active. Try to make good distance from this demon otherwise he will roar at you while cashing you. 

Avoid hurdles 

You will face many different hurdles in this game while running away from the demon creature. In each location you will get multiple obstacles like fire, destructive bridge, water and many others which you have to avoid. If you get hit by these hurdles, then you will lose all life and you have to start again from zero but there will be multiple powers available on the running track which you can collect. 

Speed booster 

This feature helps you to boost your speed while running on the track but you have you to collect enough coins to active speed booster. You can also buy speed booster from the store but you need good amount of coins then you can easily get them. So make sure to get this booster and make high score to become number one player of this game. 

Coin magnet 

This is another great power which you will get from the track while running. After getting this coin magnet you will never lose any coin so make sure to collect as much as you want before it ends. You can also upgrade this magnet to increase the time which means after upgrading you can earn more coins without any complications. 

Different characters 

Temple run oz game has different character and all character have unique powers and abilities so try to get all these character because every character is important in this game. In the start of this game many characters will be locked so you have to complete your daily missions to unlock them. Different customizations items are also available in this which you can apply on these characters.  

3D graphics 

Temple run oz has 3D graphics which delivers realistic view during play and it has many awesome animations effects which makes this game more entertaining. You will never get lagging or glitch issue while playing this game as developers maintain the quality of this game by sending different updates. Resolution of this game is high which is why everything has great detailing. 

Easy to play

Temple run oz is easy to play because it has no typical buttons which you have to tap. All you just have to slide your finger on mobile screen to move your player while running. Which means you can easily become good player of this arcade game by using this simple control because there are no complications or difficulties.  

Mod Features

Unlimited coins and gems 

In mod version of temple run oz you will get free unlimited coins which you can use to upgrade all your powers without any problem plus you can get all your favorite characters with this money. You will also get unlimited gems which you can use to revive again and again which means you can easily continue your game by using these gems.  

Unlocked characters 

Temple run oz mod apk version gives all characters unlocked which means you don’t have to struggle to get these character because everything will be available for free. So if you also want unlocked characters then get this modded version of this game then you will be free to choose anyone you like. 

Unlimited powers to use 

All powers will be unlimited in the modified version of temple run oz which means you will never have to buy anything as all powers will be already in your access. These powers will be fully upgraded so you can use them by getting maximum time from these powers. Get this advanced version and get access over all powers. 

Zero ads

Temple run oz game contains ads in standard version but after getting this game in mod version you will never see any kind of ads because there will be no ads. This version is 100% free from all ads which is why you will never get interrupted again while playing this game in mod version. 


Temple run oz is a best arcade game which you can find on the internet because already millions of people are playing this game around the world that’s why it is highly recommended. You can also get this game from our website with these outstanding features. Play this game and achieve high score to beat the record. 


Q. How to get unlimited coins in temple run oz?

Download temple run oz mod apk version then you will get free unlimited coins in this game.Β 

Q. How to get temple run oz without ads?

You just have to download the modified version of temple run oz game then you will never see ads because this version is completely free.Β 

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