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It’s been six months since the outbreak. Six months of terror, isolation and grueling hardship. Most folk didn’t make it. But you did. Welcome to the State of Survival.
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Apr 24, 2019
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Zombie games are getting popular day by day on the internet because these games are in high demand so if you are person who also likes to play zombie games then you are about to get a new exciting game. We are going to share an action adventure zombie game with you whose name is state of survival which has awesome gameplay.

In this game you will get huge map with different locations that’s why this game has so much fun for you. Your city in under attack by bloodthirsty zombies and they are killing your innocent people so you have to kill all of them to protect your city. In this game you have to find free land to build shelter for the people where they can survival.

State of survival game has multiple missions which you can play to enjoy this game plus it has many different challenges too. Rescue people injured people and send them to shelter for the medication. This game has modern weapons to fights these zombies.

What is state of survival mod apk?

State of survival game also has a modified version which is available on our website. In this version you will get all premium features and items of this game completely free. You don’t need to buy anything because it will provide you full access to every single feature and items which is why people choose this game in modded version. There will be unlimited money for you and you can play this game without ads.

Fight zombies

In this game there are thousands of different zombies who are searching for prey so you have to kill them before they kill innocent people. You have to be very sharp and active because they are roaming around the city that’s why you never know from where they are coming. Get yourself ready for them and fight with them with full force because that’s who you can kill these zombies.

Rescue people

You will see many people injured and infected with different viruses so you the only hope for those people. You need to rescue those people otherwise they will turn into zombie which is why it is very important to save them. Add good people in your team and find injured people to rescue them for good.

Build shelter

This feature is very unique because survival is the only way to enjoy this game. For this purpose, you have to build shelter for your people because there no place in your city where you can stay as everywhere is zombies. You can take help from the people in online mode to build a strong shelter. But make sure to get enough supplies with you because you need food and medicines for the survival. 

Make team

This game has online multiplayer mode where you can add people in your game to play together. Invite your friends in this game and add them in your team because that’s how you can help each other to build shelters. Fight like a team against these deadliest zombies to win big rewards and supplies. So make sure to add skilled people in your team for best results.

Ultra HD graphics

State of survival game has ultra HD graphics which looks great in this game but you need high end device for good experience. There are many awesome animations which makes this game more exciting. Visual effects are also awesome and it has amazing sound effects that’s why you will never lose interest from this game. Everything in this game gives realistic views because of these high resolution graphics.

Different weapons

State of survival game has many modern weapons which will be available in this game that you can choose to fight with the zombies. You will see the wide range of auto weapons like guns, grenades, time bomb, sharp knife and many others that you can choose in this game. So try to get all weapons in this game to kill these infected zombies to save the city.

Find cure

This is a very important part of state of survival game because you have to find a cure in this game to save those people who are infected with the zombie virus. That’s why you have to visit multiple location to get medicines and different chemicals to make vaccine to cure the virus. But be safe as there will be many hurdles in your way while finding these items.

Everything free

In mod version of this game you will everything for free which means there will be no paid or premium items so that’s why you can use all features and items in state of survival free of cost. No restrictions or limitations will be there to disturb you plus you don’t need money for anything because this version provides full premium access to all users which is why everything will be entirely free in this game.

Ads are banned

State of survival standard version has ads like small popups and short videos but if you want this game without ads then you need to get this game in hacked version which is mod apk. Only this version never supports ads in this game because they are strictly banned that’s why you will never see a single ad while playing this game in hacked version.

Free countless resources

In this survival game you will lots of different resources like money, food items and medicines but it is very hard to get all these thing in standard version because it takes a lot of time to make these things. But now by downloading the mod version of this game you will get all these resources unlimited which means you don’t have to earn them. These unlimited resources will never end from this game.  

Fully unlocked game

You will get complete state or survival game unlocked in mod version where all levels, missions and items will be unlocked. You can use everything without any wait or you don’t have to unlock anything because entire game will be available that you can play without restrictions. So get this version and enjoy this unlocked game.


State of survival is a best strategy game that’s why it is highly recommended on the internet. Press the download button and get this game from our website. Play this game and save your city from these deadliest zombies.


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