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It’s been six months since the outbreak. Six months of terror, isolation and grueling hardship. Most folk didn’t make it. But you did. Welcome to the State of Survival.
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Apr 24, 2019
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State of Survival Mod Apk:is a strategy based action, adventure and survival game where the events that are occurring and the story take place in a post walking dead attack scenario.State of Survival Mod Apk:game aims on few things that are to rebuild, rescue, research, socialize and lastly to run up the rule book. The game story of this game involves the zombies attacking the world and taking away the civilization with them.

First part of this game includes the feature to rebuild the complete world without the presence of military.State of Survival Mod Apk: level is designed in a way that requires tactics to be performed in order to make this world. To defeat the challenging monsters and these zombies the players have to fight the virus, disease as well as these walking dead.

Second part includes the rescue of the other players that will help in building up an army against these creatures so that this shooting war comes to end with the player having the win. These creatures increase abruptly in number that the player has to research to find the reason behind so that their weak spot are found and their increase stops.

To increase your allies another feature of socializing is there that increases the complete strength of the team as there are hordes and hordes of zombies attacking that needs to be controlled and to do that the player has to use this socializing feature of the game and has to build their own human 2.0 world.


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