Ragdoll Arena MOD APK (Always Critical, Enhances Attack Distance)

3.04 Ragdoll Arena is a fun action-packed 3D ragdoll people battlegrounds game with totally hilarious physics and epic gameplay. Smash, hit, and knockout all ragdoll people until they dismount and break into pieces. Have fun fighting with up to 10 players through various game modes and insane levels, like a disastrous playground!
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Jun 23, 2020
Apr 25, 2024
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You’re in a battleground full of ragdolls. What will you do? Smash, brawl & knockout ’em all until they break and dismount into pieces.

  • Always Critical
  • Enhances Attack Distance
  • Gems Injections
  • Gold Injection

Info: Open Reward Panel Into Main Menu with Toggle On to get Gems/Golds. is a game that can give you an extraordinarily engaging and engaging fighting experience. For those who have a particular interest in fighting action games, this is definitely a game that they should not miss in their game collection. Participating in the game will experience challenging but highly addictive battle challenges with simple gameplay. Ragdoll Arena


As with all the different games, the most important thing to consider first will always be the established main gameplay. In order for players to have the best playing experience, the most attractive and perfect gameplay will need to be created to match the ideas of the game. Therefore, the game makers have brought to their products a gameplay system built in a very familiar action style.

With selected simple action gameplay will allow games to customize their play to suit the player’s requirements. And has also developed the ability to play in a realistic way of working with realistic battles for its gameplay. At the same time, players will also get the best experience through the character control system, which is highly familiar and reasonable with function keys. Ragdoll Arena


Besides attractive and attractive gameplay has been created, beautiful challenges will also play an essential role in the process of building gameplay. The game’s challenge system will be a logical route with a series of different activities that you will need to perform in order to achieve the set goal. A good game challenge system will avoid causing boredom to its players and can give new players a very high level of attraction.

And the game has also built for its play the game modes with challenging but desirable levels. When participating in their play, players will have fierce battles that need to fight hard. The rules created will be straightforward, participate in a battle of 10 people and try to use all means of struggle to make them fall to the ground. With all the talent to control the character with keep himself alive, in the end, he will be the winner. Ragdoll Arena is an addictive 3D ragdoll fighter game with totally hilarious physics and wacky gameplay. Have fun gang fights with up to 10 players, struggle through insane levels & escalating modes!

Collect variety of cool skins, unlock unique weapons, customize your team & allies to assist you during your intense physics gang fight boxing battles! If you fall or stumble, keep going until you become the last one standing!

Break through ridiculous obstacles & thrilling challenges. Throw traps & bombs to have fun with ragdolls. Challenge your skills, join the ultimate wacky gang fighting simulator.

– 100% Active Ragdoll Physics
– Silly, Crazy & Wacky Gang Fighting
– Lot of Skins, Weapons & Traps
– Offline Pve & Pvp Game Modes
– Multiplayer-Styled Gameplay
– Totally Fun Battlegrounds

Join the ridiculous boxing gang battles, with exciting ragdoll physics & all the wackiness!

What's new

- Updated SDK
- Bug Fixes



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