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β€œMy Success Story” is the most realistic life simulator game where you can get everything you miss in your real life. Simulation let you rise from rags to riches and get filthy rich. Start a family and run your own business in!
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May 27, 2019
Apr 4, 2024
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The simulator game where you can get everything you miss in your real life: rise from rags to riches, get filthy rich, start a family and run your own business in My Success Story – the most realistic FREE life simulation game!

MOD Info

  1. Open the game
  2. Select β€œNew Game”
  3. Create a character
  4. Close the game and reopen it
  5. Select β€œContinue”
  6. Choose your Profile with a lot of money
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My Success Story will be your own admirable living paradise. This is a simulation game in the form of a special simulation that has new points to help players experience exactly. The game will follow a particular reincarnation, and this is where your ideal life takes place. There will be unique combinations that only take place in this exciting game, and you should not miss it. Join this amazing game right away to get your own enjoyment.


We are coming to a story about a young man in a city. He was previously a poor man, without a house, a car, no relatives, or no knowledge at all. All of a sudden, he became rich, and many things happened at this time. Gradually everything went too far, and now he is a successful businessman. He is overwhelmed by his wealth and has not yet adapted to this lifestyle.

Players will be able to play the role of that young man himself and live a dream life. At first, everything is too strange and has not yet adapted to everything around so that players will be a little surprised. But we should get used to the royal life in My Success Story. Gradually, you will discover many exciting things about yourself, your life, and everything around you.

My Success Story: Business Game & Life SimulatorMy Success Story: Business Game & Life Simulator


Facing reality like a dream, we have to get used to it. You own many different business chains, and your life is very successful now. Make this your real life by working and affirming your own talent and intelligence. My Success Story always gives players surprises that even they themselves can not imagine.

Starting from the way of eating must exude a luxurious look and try all the delicious dishes that you have never tried. Then focus on your outer appearance and refine your inner self into a true gentleman. Immerse yourself in the modern lifestyle and embark on the development and takeover of the business chain that is your job. Then find a way to achieve massive sales and outshine other formidable competitors, capturing the objective market niche.

Is a dollar in your pocket and a room in the dorm all you have for now? Choose a better life with work and family that you want! Become a rich and successful business tycoon, earn money to possess wealth and run your own business company in My Success Story.


Turn from a poor to rich tycoon and billionaire! Sounds crazy, isn’t it? Everything is possible in this offline simulation game: start your sim’s life from zero, become a hero from a bum, make money and rise from rags to riches. Don’t be an bum – get idle income in cash and gold and multiply your wealth with every new level!


How rich can you become in a life simulator game? It’s your success story: get the first job, rent an apartment and climb the career ladder to be a boss. Earn money to start realistic business. Do you have what it takes to become a sim billionaire? Think like a boss, evolve your life skills and become the president of your company. See how far you can go!


Your business adventure starts here! Find your way to make money – as a capitalist or tycoon or an office worker. Live as a poor bum or become the youngest billionaire in the world – choose the real life sim that suits you the best. Learn the steps to success and find out the business secrets in the family and work games. Rise from zero and become a rich tycoon hero in my life simulator games!

βœ”οΈSimulator games – the best features:

– Would you like to live in your own house? Find a job and work to rent your first apartment;
– Are you dreaming of a brilliant career? Graduate from a university to take a high post;
– Is social status important for you? Get married and make a family to enhance your position in the society;
– Do you possess millions of dollars, but it is still not enough? Win in casino and bet on the stock market to double your idle income;
– Would you like to drive a luxurious car? You can buy as many cars as you want with all your millionaire fortune. And you will still have enough to buy several villas, a personal plane or even an island!

πŸ’΅Play this free realistic life simulation game offline and get everything you want: make money, become a billionaire and rule the real business world in My Success Story!

What's new


- Meet our cunning new villain, whose storyline will intertwine with yours!

- Reduced the work outlooks period significantly. No More 3-Month Waits!

- Added a wide range of new and captivating items in shop;

- Introduced an innovative goal-setting system and updated tutorial;

To commitment to delivering the best gaming experience, we've addressed minor bugs and enhanced the game's overall performance :)


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