MonsterEater (Idle RPG) MOD APK (Menu, Damage, God mode)

I’m a warrior of a parallel universe from falling into a sink hole?
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mafgames (Idle Games Tycoon Games)
Jan 4, 2023
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I’m a warrior of a parallel universe from falling into a sink hole?
My power is… transforming into monsters? No, I want to go back!

  • God Mod
  • One Hit Skill ( Need to be enable before β€œTAP TO START” )

Info :
Need Phone or emulator rooted and patched with Xposed + corepatch + luckypatcher.
-Install Original APK , login though google play , play 2 minutes.
-Install Unsigned APK over it.

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Monster Eater is an auto-battle RPG that keeps fighting as a hero with transformation ability. The hero has fallen into a different world. As a monster hunter, he had the ability to transform into a gacha-drawn monster! So save the parallel world just before the destruction! A good game with an excellent pop design.

The hero automatically activates his fighting skills and transforms. Players perform strengthening and gacha in the meantime. There is also an element of a neglected game where you can get rewards even when the app is closed. Gutara’s desire will come true if he can grow without effort.

New work by mainframes that worked on β€œInadvertently save a new employee Ito-style company” and β€œAbandoned middle-aged-Yasuhiro and a mysterious dragon dungeon”. The pop character and the production with some meta elements are still alive in this work! Although it is RPG, it has a strong gag element and BGM is funky.

Various breeding menus for pets, equipment, and characters are still alive in this work. The early stages are fast-paced, and it’s designed to be quite playable. It’s completely automatic and the story element is thin, but I think I didn’t feel unsatisfactory because the production side and the dot picture of the character are pop.


  • Is it time for me to unleash the dark dragon that resides inside me? By leveling up from Iron to Challenger, you can acquire some very powerful stats.
  • Outstandingly useful augmentation to this stat! Confront the more powerful version of Hongsik by calling upon your souls!
  • Eater Bank, Eater Market, and the Equipment Dungeon all have plenty of prizes for you!
  • You will have no trouble acquiring gold, experience points, equipment, or supplies for upgrading!
  • The whole idea of sketching each dot is mind-boggling…
  • The end of the world in a universe where people sketch pictures with dots! Play a game with a throwback aesthetic!
  • Even when the game is not running, Hongsik continues to toil away in the parallel realm.
  • Have fun while organically expanding your character’s capabilities!
  • Gather gauges to evolve into more powerful link monsters!
  • Develop a variety of diverse strategies, each tailored to the specific set of abilities a given monster possesses.

A new battle is emerging! Incremental RPG of monster transformation

A new game by MafGames, the creator of original incremental RPGs [Retro hero – Mr.Kim] and [Game is Bugged]
[Monster Eater] is here!

We are recruiting warriors to save the parallel universe on the brink of the apocalypse with Hongsik who can transform into monsters.

β–  Incremental RPG
Awesome free work!
Hongsik works nonstop in the parallel universe even with the game turned off!
Have fun growing your character without even trying!

β–  Link Characters
I beccam posssesd…
Collect gauges to transform into powerful link monsters!
Create different strategies depending on the combination of skills of various monsters!

β–  Pixel Art
The thought of drawing each dot is impressive…
Apocalypse in a parallel universe drawn with dots! Experience a retro-style game!

β–  Themed Dungeons
Plenty of rewards in Eater Bank, Eater Market, and Equipment Dungeon!
You can easily obtain gold, EXP, equipment, and materials for upgrades!

β–  Souls
My soul is surgingβ˜†
Highly efficient additional stat! Meet the stronger Hongsik by summoning souls!

β–  Level Up
Is it time to wake up the black dragon in me?
Get powerful stats by leveling up from Iron to Challenger!

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What's new

- Improvement in app stability



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