Magic Archer: Monster islands MOD APK (Immortal, Unlimited Money)

Do you have the courage to save the world from terrible monsters and the forces of evil?
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Dec 1, 2022
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Are you ready to have the courage to save the world from evil forces and terrible monsters?!
Go on a legendary hunt and save the fantasy world from an army of enemies!

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Money (Increase when spending).
  • Immortal.
  • Sufficient material does not decrease but increase.
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The game is set up with tons of interesting elements that give you the opportunity to practice more on your skills, and you will be led into the world of archery superheroes. You will become a holder of great power to be able to fight to protect your land from the hands of the dark forces. They will always be lurking to find a way to attack, so you will need to practice fighting anytime, anywhere. Use your skills to win and destroy them all.

Magic Archer: Hero hunt for gold and gloryMagic Archer: Hero hunt for gold and glory


If you love fiercely competitive action games, then Magic Archer: Hero hunt for gold and glory will give you a play space with all the elements you need, and at the same time, you will be immersed in the game’s most stressful moment. You will be adventured to a world full of mysterious magical stories when you transform into a superhero with a great responsibility on your shoulders. Your land suddenly has the appearance of dark forces; they are coming more and more to destroy everything and put pressure on you, so hurry up to do the task and destroyβ€”all to save this place from their dangerous hands. The game will provide you with the main weapon, a bow, and an arrow, so you can equip your character and start participating in the latest battles when directly confronting formidable enemies.


Magic Archer: Hero hunt for gold and glory will bring you to a unique playing context when constantly updating new features for you to experience freely. Besides, the gameplay is set up not too complicated so that you can quickly get used to everything and use agile maneuvers to fight easily. You will be confronted with dangerously powerful enemies in the first levels, but don’t worry; always focus on fighting to win.

In addition, players will need to use their excellent skills when adventuring in large arenas. Your task is to use your weapon by aligning the aim of the bow and arrow to accurately aim at the enemy while creating just enough force to knock them all down. In addition, you also need to be alert because they will always wait for your opening to attack.

Upgrade your powerful skills, get incredible new weapon and equipment (from unique to legendary), and defeat epic bosses!
Go through thousands of levels with obstacles and hordes of monsters and collect untold treasures of the dungeons.
Create unstoppable combinations of skills and weapon to help you defeat monsters and demons.
Use your bow and arrow to survive and become a hero of archery.
Only a true archer hero can save this world from chaos. Become a legend.
Forward to meet glory and gold!

All this in the new fantasy arrow game – Magic Archer: hero hunt for gold and glory

Key Features:
* explore many colorful magic worlds and dungeons
* unlock powerful unique weapons, cool armor, awesome rings and magic artifacts
* learn epic skills and create crazy combinations to win
* fight impossible bosses and various scary monsters

Start hunting now! Get your bow and arrow ready. An unforgettable adventure awaits you. Millions of monsters and tons of gold in Magic Archer: hero hunt for gold and glory.

What's new

Expedition mode has been added - heroes could now spend their free time embarking on expdedition and bring back significant rewards.

Introduced special tokens of instant loot - player can use these tokens to instantly receive a reward for previously finished chapters without completing it for the second time.

Added a Chest of Possibilities - the chest may contain tablets to improve heroes, adventure maps, revive tokens and tokens of instant loot.


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