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You must have played ludo in your childhood right? Everyone likes this game and they play it no matter what age group they belong to. This game has been so popular for centuries and the players have been playing it randomly in different possible ways. What If we tell you that this game is now available in the form of a mobile app?

Yes, it is possible now because Ludo King Mod APK is now a mobile game that you can download and olha your smartphone. You can play this game with strangers from all over the world or with your Facebook friends and family members. This game is colorful and amazing that you will never stop playing it at all

It has so many amazing features and are so interesting that users will definitely enjoy this game and play it addictively. There are so many exciting features that are offered in this game. As a user you would love this game because it has so much to offer. Let’s have a look and see what special things are available for the users in this game.

What is Ludo King APK?

Ludo King is the famous game that everybody likes to play manually once. Now you can play it online with the help of the Ludo King app that users can enjoy for free. With the help of this app you can get millions of rupees in the form of the gold that you can also use further in order to achieve the highest rank in the ludo game.

You can also buy the gold by spending your own money. The Ludo King app is so famous throughout the world that users really like playing it. It’s so colorful and interesting that it is hard to explain in a few words. You can play this game with your close friends and family members added on your Facebook account.

What is Ludo King Mod APK?

The Ludo King Mod APK is the modified version that is launched for the users who want to avail the unlimited features of Ludo. People who do not want to pay any charges to enjoy the best features of Ludo can download this app and get unlimited gold which doesn’t finish at all. It is a free to download app with no subscription or in-app purchases required.

How Do You Play Ludo King?

You can play Ludo King as a single player in private mode, with another partner, and 3 more people in a team. You first select a color and then roll your dice to get six so you can start over. The winner gets the highest amount of gold as per the bet.

Can 2 Players Play Ludo King?

Yes, 2 players can play Ludo King at a time. They can use the duo mode to bet some gold and start the game.

Who Made Ludo King?

Vikas Jaiswal launched the Ludo King who is also known to be the founder of Gametion Technologies Pvt. Limited. He created this game for the users and yes it’s an Indian app.

How Can I Hide My Online Status in Ludo King?

You can hide your online status in Ludo King by simply going to the settings and then turning off the active status. In this way you will be able to hide your online status on Ludo King.

Features of Ludo King APK

Play as Duo or Team

Ludo King is a game that allows the users to play in the form of a duo or the team. There is no restriction but a number of choices to play this game. You can play it both ways without having to experience any inconveniences.

Win Gold

You can win golf in this game and there is no limit to winning the gold. You can win millions of gold coins in this game by defeating the other players. It is such a good feature that allows you to collect as much money as you can. You can avail this gold to bet further and win even more rounds of ludo.

Colorful Theme

This game has a colorful theme just like the regular ludo game that you have played manually. Same colors are available in this mode and you can choose any color of your choice. So select any color and start playing ludo.

Play with Facebook Friends

You can play this game with your Facebook friends too. You just have to connect this game with your Facebook account and get your friends to play this game by sending them the friend or game request.

Live Chat

The live chat feature is also available in ludo so you can chat with the other players during the ludo match. Similarly there are emojis as well that you can use relevantly in this game.

Features of Ludo King Mod APK

Unlimited Sixes

You can get unlimited sixes in this game now so you could win. You can get a six whenever you want as it’s a cheat version of Ludo King.

Unlimited Gold

You will receive unlimited gold in this game so you never have to wait in case you don’t have gold. You can always bet and play the ludo matches as the amount of gold is always extreme.

Play Offline

This game is also available to play offline. In case you don’t have the internet and you want to play privately, then the offline mode will help you play this game. With this thing you can always enjoy this game without the internet.

Ad-Free Experience

You won’t have to see the annoying ads anymore in this mod version.  There will be no ads to experience in Ludo King so you could have the best experience in playing the most favorite game of all time.


It has an anti-ban too so you never get restricted. Paying no charges and still getting all the premium features becomes fishy, that’s why the users start getting banned. But Ludo King Mod APK will never ban you from using the unlimited gold and sixes.


Ludo King Mod APK is a good application that will provide you with enough entertainment and good time. It is one of those few games that you can play with your friends and family online after playing it manually. This app is totally exciting and we highly recommend downloading it. The download link is here available on our website and you can get it for free. Our comment box is always open for you to write your views about Ludo King. So what are you waiting for? Download this game and enjoy playing it.


Q. How to join a private room in Ludo King?

You can join a private room by accessing the tvus option from the front page of the Ludo King. There is an option of the private room that you can select and play the game immediately in this mode.

Q. Is it possible to play Ludo King at a time with 4 people?

Yes, it is possible to play Ludo King with 4 other people at a time. You can select the option of 4 people playing at a time to make it happen.

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