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In the ancient times when there was no virtual gaming platforms, people use to play games that included board games. There are many board games that were played in the ancient times and its still appreciated by many people. These games were very fun to play as it include most of your friends in it. One of the most famous board games was the Ludo game.

In this game, four players could be involved at one time and their goal was to make their token reach the centre of the board. However some of these board games have now come in the form of mobile games and Ludo king is the game which will revive your childhood memories with the features that are available in this game.

This game was developed by gammation Technologies. In this board game, you can play with your friends all you have to do is to roll your dice and move your token the number of steps ahead that appeared on the dice . The more sixes you get, the more faster you will reach the centre of the board. You will also need sixes to put your token in the game. This game is mostly played in the multiplayer mode but you can also play it individually.

If you love to play Ludo board game in your childhood then you will surely like this version of ludo. Dive right into this article and get to know more about this amazing board game.

What is Ludo King APK?

Ludo king is a board game, which is based on the concept of the famous Ludo game. In this game, four players can play at a time and the player have to make their token reach the centre of the board as fast as possible to win the game. It is a multiplayer game but it can also be played individually. This game also offers a premium version.

What is Ludo King MOD APK?

The standard version of ludo King is modified to provide the users with a modified version which is named as Ludo King Mod APK. This version contains unlimited money, gems and sixes so that the user can easily reach the middle of the board and win the game. It would be very easy to beat the token of other players with the help of this MOD version.

How to Get a Six Every Time You Roll the Dice?

It is not possible to always get a six after you roll the dice, but you can mostly get a six by doing the following steps. First you will have to keep an eye on the green colour that appear on your token and once it reach one third of the ticker, you will have to immediately roll the dice. By doing this you will mostly get a six after rolling the dice.

How to Collect Coins in Ludo King?

There are various ways in which you can collect coins in the Ludo king. For example, you can play online Matches and you will receive coins as a reward by winning these matches. Try to play the matches of higher value, you can also play the missions available in the game to gain more coins, you can also play the Up Down game and can also try your luck on the lucky wheel to get more coins.

Features of the Ludo King

Multiplayer Mode

The Ludo king is based on the concept of the famous board game in which four players can play at a time. However, in this virtual app you can also play with your friends as it features the multiplayer mode in which you can play with strangers all around the world. You can also link this game with your Facebook account and can play it with your Facebook friends. This game also features a local mode in which you can play individually without any internet connection.

Online Missions

This game also features many online missions in which you can take part and earn coins. In these online missions you will compete with many brilliant players of the Ludo game. These online missions will make you an expert Ludo player and will increase your chances of becoming the Ludo king.

Up-down Games

The Ludo king game also features 7 Up down games which you can unlock and play with your friends these game includes snake and Ladders and many other interesting games these many board games will never let you get bored of this exceptional app and you can also challenge your friends to play these games with you.

Text Chats

In the ancient time the players can also talk with each other while playing the Ludo board game but don’t worry in this virtual version of ludo you can also have a conversation with your competitors with the help of the text Chat options available in the game. You can also strategies your gameplay by talking to your competitors and can also know about their next move.

Create Private Room

In the Ludo king game, you can also create a private room in which you can invite your Facebook friends to play the game. You can link your Facebook account with the Ludo king game and in this way you will easily play with them. In this private chat room you can have conversation with all of the players at once and enjoy the gameplay.

Classic Gameplay

This virtual Ludo game has a same concept as the older Ludo board game, all the rules and regulations are same. For exampl, e if you get a six, 3 times then you will lose your turn and if the player reach your token then he will able to defeat your token. And you will also need a 6 to enter and start your gameplay.

Features of the Ludo King MOD APK

Unlimited Sixes

With this modified version of ludo King Mod APK you can have unlimited sixes, which means that you can win the game more easily and quickly. With the help of the sixes, you will be able to enter all your tokens in the game and you will have higher chances to win the game.

Unlocked Gameplay

This modified version will also provide you with an unlocked Gameplay in which you can have access to all the live themes and the premium features that are available in the game. You can also customise your avatar with the help of the money and coins that you received in this modified version and create an impression on the competitor.


Dive into the interesting multiplayer gameplay of the Ludo king app and kill your boredom. Challenge your friends and play many different mini games in the app. You can Download it’s modified version from our website and have access to all the features of the Ludo King for free and be the Ludo king. If you have any queries regarding the Ludo King Mod APK, then you can write them in the comment section down below.


Q. How many themes does Ludo King contain?

There are total of five themes available in the Ludo King app.

Q. Is Ludo King an offline game?

This game can be played online as well as offline.

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