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More than 4 million downloads worldwide!
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Nov 29, 2016
Apr 18, 2024
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More than 4 million downloads worldwide!
Everyone loves the endless dynamic action of Just Kill Me!
Now get ready for the 3rd exciting instalment!

1. Add Coins When Spending
2. Add Vip Xp When Spending
3. Add Holy Orbs When Spending
4. Add Relics When Spending
5. Add Rubies When Spending

Enable after you learn your first new skill or it might soft lock the game for you.

Having to much of an item may cause the game to lag or even crash, to fix this clear the app data.

Just Kill Me 3 is an interesting game where you will use Tamas with different colors to attack the Demon God and satisfy the requirements of this goal. The character will continuously appear in front of the player after you kill a clone, and in some cases, boss versions will make it difficult to require you to complete the level in a period. In addition, the mechanisms that help you increase your strength are diverse.

Just Kill Me 3Just Kill Me 3


The story of Just Kill Me 3 begins when the player appears before a Demon God who is waiting for them and asks them to complete the quest. This quest is straightforward: it tries to destroy the Demon God with the Tama they have, and this job will have many supporting things. In addition, after each defeat, Demon God will give players different challenges, so this is a task that will consume a lot of players’ time.

The player will see the Demon God appear opposite him, and in the lower half of the screen is an area for the Tamas. These Tamas possess different attacks and will be the key for you to attack the target who is looking for death. At the same time, enemies constantly appear when you defeat a previous target, and of course, their strength is improved and requires you to have greater strength.


In Just Kill Me 3, players will be able to damage characters by Tamas. The job is straightforward: you just need to touch them and immediately, they will immediately be activated and deal a large amount of damage to the enemy. At the same time, you can also see the character’s health bar continuously decreasing over time, and of course, you will be surprised when you defeat the first target, and your next enemy is still the Demon God.

β–  Story
“Have, uh, have you ever played Just Kill Me?
The first one, I mean. Because if you have…
If you have, then leave this place!”

Before you stands a mysterious feline Demon God.
He’s done away with experienced JKM players
and has his sights set on you, a novice.
“You have one mission, one and one only…
Just kill me!”

Why does the Demon God crave death?
What has he done with the people who played JKM?

And why on earth is this Just Kill Me 3…
when there was never a Just Kill Me 2?

This newest addition to the JKM series throws
gaming convention smack-bang out the window!

JKM newbies, come along for the ride!
JKM veterans, proceed with caution…

β–  How to Play
Killing the Demon God horde is as easy as 1-2-3:
Simply tap little critters called Tama to attack!
That’s it. No muss, no fuss.
This game is fun, fun, for everyone!

β–  Awesome Replayability
Kill waves upon waves of Demon Gods
with the assistance of your divine pets!
Collect them, make them stronger, focus
their attacks, leave no survivors!
A wide variety of cool items will also
prove indispensable to your offense!

β–  Recommended For…
・People new to the Just Kill Me series
・Veterans of the Just Kill Me series who know they won’t get caught by the Demon God

What's new

- Added new pets and artifacts.
- Bug fixes.



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