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The blobs are back with a vengeance!
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The blobs are back with a vengeance!

Hopeless: The Dark Cave is a game that gives you unexpected gameplay where you will use your weapons and attack the enemies that appear. You will try to save many teammates and earn many points in the game against any approaching enemies. Also, depending on your performance, you will unlock valuable items to aid you in completing the quest.


When you experience Hopeless: The Dark Cave, the player will be accompanied by a yellow character who is always trembling because of the black space surrounding him. He is equipped with a gun used to kill enemies that appear and can also attack his friends if not careful. The goal is simple: to survive as long as possible and find your friends hiding in the dark.

An interesting but creepy point that this game brings is the dark environment around the character that makes you unable to see anything but objects approaching the character. Because of the limited vision, the player will need to be observant and have a perfectly fast reflex to attack enemies who want to capture the character. In addition, you need to touch the location on the screen to fire at the enemy you see and start with the first experience of the game.

Hopeless: The Dark CaveHopeless: The Dark Cave


In Hopeless: The Dark Cave, the player will go to the first mode, Hopeless, and the environment is similar to the one described above. Only one character appears in a single bright area and tries to fight off enemies. At the same time, the interesting point is that the character’s enemies and friends can go to any location, and sometimes you will feel surprised and attack your allies. In addition, each character standing close to the other increases the player’s survival level.

When new characters appear and stay in a group with you, it will be easier to survive because the level only stops when the enemy has kidnapped all the characters you control. At the same time, their frequency will increase and help you create impressive combos. It is also an opportunity for them to carry out their plot. When the number of dwellers indicated on the right side of the screen is filled, most characters are escaped leaving one character to continue saving other allies.

When you reach a certain level in this game, you will be able to open some more modes like survival. Instead of saving your friends from the dark, you’ll control three characters standing in a tower and focusing the enemy’s attention. You will try not to let anyone get lost, and there will be no additional teammates in this mode.

Hopeless: The Dark CaveHopeless: The Dark Cave

Stranded in the dark, a single blob must fight to survive the waves of blob-eating monsters, and save the other blobs!.

Hopeless is a game of sharp reflexes. Trust your instincts, shoot the monsters, but be careful – don’t shoot the other blobs!

Guns, Lasers, Fairy Dust? Shoot everything in your arsenal to overcome the monsters’ attack, and rescue the Hopeless blobs from the dark cave!

Get some guns and get your hopes up to the land from incoming enemies.

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