Grim Quest – Old School RPG MOD APK (Unlimited Money, All Items, No ADS)

Grim Quest tries to blend tabletop RPG vibes, familiar dungeon crawling and roguelike mechanics, and a classic turn-based combat system into an accessible and entertaining package. Because of its attention to written storytelling, detailed worldbuilding and abundance of lore, Grim Quest can be similar to a solo Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or even a choose your own adventure book.
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Apr 18, 2020
Apr 14, 2024
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Grim Quest is a classic turn-based RPG / Dungeon Crawler with gothic aesthetics and a retro vibe. Set in a dark fantasy world with elements of Lovecraftian horror, it puts a lot of emphasis on atmosphere and immersion, using dark visuals, somber music and lots of written text. Some roguelike elements are thrown in for good measure. Reminiscent of choose your own adventure books and tabletop DnD (D&D).

Grim Quest is a role-playing game. Players will participate in magical wars in the dark world with their characters. Revolving around the plot of the game, the mysteries and mysteries of the magical land will be revealed. The most attractive point of the game is also an essential factor contributing to the success of the game, which is the art of building images and sounds. Shady, spooky, suspenseful are adjectives to generalize about the game.

Grim Quest – Old School RPG


Just started Grim Quest, negative space with two primary colors, black and white, has invaded the phone screen. It serves as an opening signal to inform the player about the theme of the game – horror. There is no gore, no zombies here, but there are scary dark forces. This is a magical land with the dark side of the magical wizards. In this fantasy world, power and disputes are a daily occurrence. The dark wizards are on a plot to invade every land and cover it with their power. They are fear of everyone here. Only when you win and get better and better can you survive.

There are more than 27 characters to choose from. Each character will have a unique name and a unique characteristic. That is their god-given ability. Depending on the character you choose, the plot that happens will change accordingly. Each character will have a unique magical story in his life. Each character will be built with 25 magic moves and 20 active and passive attack and defense skills. Read the information carefully and choose your favorite character to start your exploration in this world.

Grim Quest – Old School RPGGrim Quest – Old School RPG

*** FEATURES ***
– immerse in a dark fantasy world with its own history and lore
– defeat enemies and fight boss battles in a classic turn-based combat system
– manage your character’s sanity or suffer unexpected consequences
– customize your character with 25 unique spells and 20 active & passive skills
– select one of 27 character backgrounds that each affect gameplay in a different way
– experience the game world through a variety of interactive, text-based events
– acquire weapons, armors, accessories, consumable items and crafting ingredients
– complete quests, collect bounties and find 60+ pieces of scattered lore
– manage defences of a besieged city, endure raids and other calamities
– relax or add suspense with 4 difficulty levels, optional permadeath and other adjustable settings

What's new

* 1.8.24
- fixed no internet bug when collecting wages

* 1.8.10
- tablet UI improvements

* 1.8.0
- replaced combat backgrounds with new variants
- expanded enemy descriptions
- added 5 new lore entries


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