Goblin Dungeon: Idle RPG Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu)

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The dungeon’s tomorrow is in your hands!
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Sep 21, 2022
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The dungeon’s tomorrow is in your hands!

Earn Diamond Instead Of gold
No Skill Cooldown
God Mod ( Castle)
One Hit Skill

Info :
-Toggle On β€˜Earn Diamond Instead Of gold” to win Diamonds and put Off to get gold.
-Open Shop to actualise the value of diamonds

Clicker-based incremental RPG that nurtures POP monsters and protects the castle! Defeat the adventurers!

Goblin Dungeon is a clicker-type neglected RPG that intercepts adventurers aiming for treasure with monsters they have raised. For adventurers, summon monsters to protect the castle, a dungeon where treasures sleep. We will cultivate the castle’s basement, secure materials, raise monsters, and strengthen the town. Grow up as the most substantial castle and monster corps that can compete with any hero!

Goblin Dungeon: Idle RPG GameGoblin Dungeon: Idle RPG Game


Where you can deploy monsters and attack with slides! Regarding the castle’s defense, if you deploy a monster, it will automatically defend it, so the basics will be left alone. It is also possible to attack the enemy with the slide of the screen, so let’s intervene in the battle and defeat the enemy efficiently like the clicker system. Monsters can use funds and materials to level up and strengthen their skills.


You can build a facility in the basement, and you can get funds and materials over time. Also, by strengthening the town, you can expand the functions that are useful for defense, such as increasing the placement of monsters.

The charm of β€œGoblin Dungeon” is the quick game development and cute graphics with POP! The point is that it is straightforward to play with a simple game that develops and strengthens underground facilities while strengthening the defense power of the castle. Moreover, the game is no longer available so that you can proceed without stress. The game develops quickly and is packed with systems that can speed up enhancement, such as continuous level up with

About the Game

The magic dungeon is in danger! Pike up your sword, summon monster heroes, and protect the last underground kingdom! Use your black magic, defeat royal troops in epic battles, and lead your monster army to glory!

Game Features

β– Addictive battles
The battle is simple but addictive. You can swipe to kill monsters, and challenge level bosses. As the game progresses, you will gradually build a solid fortress.

β– Mysterious monster heroes
In this game, you’ll join a fierce battle between human and underground creatures. You can summon monster heroes to fight against human troops, and protect your dungeon as well as the witch.

β– Rich maps
The mysterious and dangerous old dungeon gives birth to various underground cultures. Each floor has a unique mini storyline that elaborates the day-to-day life in the magic dungeon.
The exquisite UI design and the black fairy-tale legendary storyline will show you the extraordinary legend in the underground kingdom. Have fun with it!

Contact Us

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Goblin-Dungeon-103744789015277
Discord: https://discord.gg/zBTRARUK3V
Email: scugame@outlook.com

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Engaging RPG idle game! Fight and defend your dungeon against royal knights!



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