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GB WhatsApp is considered an alternative platform for WhatsApp in the future. To be able to do so, this must be a utility software and bring users convenience when experiencing. Use this application like the social networking software available in the market, and it even gives you a remarkable experience. Users are allowed to use the application to operate and send messages to people. Use it as a unique network workspace and avoid future hassles.


We make sure that any user who uses GB WhatsApp is assured of their information as well as the safety of their device. This application will bring more users than the previous version. To own a separate social networking application, this will be the application you should not ignore because it has conversion features and ensures essential privacy for users. No one will be able to see your information when you have set the security to be safe.


Many users have been experiencing GB WhatsApp and consider it a unique social network that needs to be experienced immediately. It brings many conveniences to users, and one of them is the ability to hide elements that can cause you trouble. If you are a closed person and do not want anyone to disturb you or know you are active on social networks, this is the application you should not ignore. When you use the hidden view feature, the other person will not know if you have seen the message or not.

That can avoid unnecessary troubles with characters that annoy you. In addition, when you accidentally click read messages, they can also be hidden immediately so that the other party does not know you have read them. With this application, you can also turn off message notifications or hide unnecessary contacts for work or life. Not only that, with this divine application, you can hide sent messages as well.


With GB WhatsApp, you can use it to create contacts for many people and give them a unique name. It is applied as soon as you do not save the username in the contacts. In particular, this feature is often used for group dialog boxes, giving separate names to groups to identify them when receiving/sending messages clearly. With a maximum of 35 characters for a group name, that’s too much for you to recognize messages. Along with this app, users can recognize and send unique statuses.


You can consider this a basic messaging tool and can use it to share your interesting moments. Or let people know your status through posted videos or photos. In addition, you can use it to broadcast live sessions and send invitations to multiple people. Use this feature like opening a large meeting or just letting people know what you’re up to now.


Start lots of exciting conversations in GB WhatsApp, and it’s also a fun space for you to make different friends. But when there are too many messages sent in, and you can’t distinguish which messages are important and urgent. We’ve got us to help you; this app will distinguish for you whether spam messages are delivered in bulk or it’s normal.


  • Basic messaging app.
  • Customize privacy settings.
  • Information security is guaranteed.
  • Eliminate spam messages.
  • Distinguish and hide unnecessary messages.

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