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The fighter games have always been in the demand because it is the most favorite niche of games for people. There are several fighter games that are loved by people such as Fortnite, PubG and so many others. The gameplay and the features are somehow similar in all of these, but still there is a bit difference among these games that make them different. Similarly a same type of game is making rounds on the internet and is played and downloaded by the players very frequently.

This game is named Free Fire Max APK and it has been updated into its newer version. This game has a lot of brilliant features such as fighting with the enemies, attacking on them and winning rewards, plus using a lot of new weapons that are quite better and improved than before. 3D graphics of this application are also highly impressive that one absolutely cannot deny. There are some more details of this game that one should know before installing it. Let us have a look at the features of this game to learn more about it because you made up your mind to install it.

Fighter zone

There is a fighter zone in this game that continues throughout the entire location. You will have to stay within this zone and fight against your enemies and kill them. You can kill all the enemies and their gangs that try to defeat you and achieve the real motive of this game.

Range of weapons

There is a large range of weapons in this game that you can buy or get unlocked by completing the achievements. You can fight with the enemies and complete the given missions to unlock these weapons. There are AK-47, pistols, big guns, and a lot more heavy weapons that can destroy everything and help you win the battle very easily.

Make team of 4

You can make a team of 4 people and fight against your enemies. You can find any 3 friends of yours and then start creating and fighting a war battle. You 4 can work in a team to get rid of all the meds that have been created around you.

Connect through Facebook

You can connect with your friends and family members in this game using Facebook. The people you have added in your Facebook friend list who play Free Fire Max APK will automatically be shown on the profile. That’s how you can make an online team by inviting them.

Several locations

There are a lot of locations in this game that are excellent and great to chase your enemies. You can choose any of these locations before starting the fight and find the spots where you can hide throughout the game.

Free to download

This game is entirely free to download which is quite a shocking thing. It is because such fighter games come in the premium packages and people usually do not want to spend money over downloading a fighter game. Not everyone can afford buying them so Free Fire Max APK is available for free of cost.

3D graphics

The 3D graphics of this game make it one of the best fighter games in the world. It looks like somebody’s watching a movie when this game is played on the screens. The quality is absolutely high that people cannot resist downloading this game and playing it.

Violent yet addictive

This game is highly violent because of the bloodshed and is highly advised to not let the kids play it. But this game is heavily addictive for the graphics and the features of this game. That’s why it is excessively played because players become addictive of playing this game day and night.

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What's new

[New event - The Chaos] Vote for bizarre incidents to take place in the matches, including out-of-control plane routes and genetically modified mushrooms!
[NexTerra 2.0] Map-balancing adjustments and significant file size reduction. Zipway reworked and added to CS-Ranked.
[New Character - Ryden] The genius releases a robot spider that limits enemy movement and inflicts damage over time.
[Improved battle feedback] Enhanced the sound effects for knockdown streaks and visual effects for headshots.



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