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Farm City is a new breath of fresh air into the world of city-building and farm games!
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Aug 23, 2023
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Farm City is a new breath of fresh air into the world of city-building and farm games!

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Info: Add Gold Each Time you Start The game , repeat the operation to save.
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The game allows you to experience both the tranquility of the farm and the bustle of the nearby town. Its diverse yet stunning design styles captivate everyone, and you create your own farm and village using your imagination. The gameplay is light and easy, but managing time, equipment, and machinery is not. Once you’ve joined Farm City, it’s impossible to leave since the game’s attractiveness prevents you from leaving. Your skills are also boosted as a result.

Farm City: Farming & City Building


Coming to Farm City, players need to participate in productive farming and construction activities to create more products. Fertile soil and excellent climate conditions help your cultivation grow smoothly. However, when you first start playing, you can only grow certain crops, but as the city has developed, there are more varieties of plants and animals. Besides, your farming area also increases accordingly.


From farming and raising livestock, players will collect many products created by those activities and make money from them. Those products will be brought to factories and produce necessary goods and necessities for the people here. In addition, a part of those products will create raw materials and sell or exchange with each other. All those created goods can be traded or exchanged to serve the needs of the people living here.

Farm City: Farming & City Building


With countless beautiful and novel designs, players have the right to choose for themselves the most appropriate and satisfactory drawing. After choosing an illustration, you need to start building unique buildings and build a lovely farm. The constructions are elementary and normal, but you have to manage your time well so that they can be completed sooner. Through that, you also learn some useful experiences and improve your skills.

Farm City: Farming & City Building

Build the city that you’ve always dreamed of! Grow your crops, feed your cattle, and trade the product to further enhance your farming games. Bring happiness and prosperity to your citizens with exotic restaurants, convenient community buildings, and breathtaking wonders. Take on an adventure and explore the mysterious tunnels of the Ancient City buried beneath your very own land.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself READY to become the most successful mayor and build your dream city!

Farm City features:
β€’ Adorable farm animals for you to take care of
β€’ Numerous types of vegetables and fruits to grow and process in your farming factories
β€’ Build and Customize the city your own way with advanced factories, dazzling landmarks, and glamorous decorations!
β€’ Invite, visit, and help your neighbors from Facebook to make new friends
β€’ Meet up with kind citizens and deliver their orders directly to their doors. Also helping them with their problem is a part of being a GREAT mayor
β€’ Collect rare minerals by exploring the underground Ancient City and forge new upgrade for your facilities at the Academy and Foundry
β€’ Try your luck at the Happy Balloon house and receive fascinating gifts
β€’ Get yourself some special exclusive prizes in our unique Events
β€’ Invest and earn cash in the City Bank to ensure a stable future for your city
β€’ Tons of great discount farming products and ingredients constantly offered on the Market stall
β€’ Smooth gameplay experience along with beautiful graphics
β€’ Offline playing mode allows you to enjoy the farmer game anywhere and anytime like traveling on the bus or walking down the street

Farm City is a FREE TO PLAY farm game with options to purchase some in-game items to enhance your game experience with real currency.

*Some features of the game will require internet connection in order to work properly such as Friends, Competitions, Save/Load data, and other features*

Let us know what you think and learn more about Farm City at:

What's new

Hello City Farmers! Here are the new additions in this version of Farm City:

+ Fix Harbour issues
+ Fix Friend issues
+ Fix notification issues
+ Optimize Game Performance

Happy Farming!
Ver 2.10.5 - b747



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