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May 13, 2022
Feb 19, 2024
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Action RPG mixed with grid-based Dungeon Crawler

Dungeon Ward belongs to a genre of a single player action rpg offline games but it is mixed with old-school grid-based dungeon crawler(gridder) innovated by a modern 3rd person perspective. It’s diablo like features are real-time combat, looting, RPG character building, questing and boss fights.

  • One Hit Kill.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • High Sell Gold Price.
  • 999 Stats Points.
  • ADS Premium Pack Purchased.
  • Bypass Anticheat.
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Dungeon Ward depicts the mysterious life in the depths of the giant monsters. They are guarding dangerous weapons and living on the legendary dragon island. Many interesting stories about how to survive and bloody wars take place. The construction system creates mysterious passages and a dark space that makes everything blurry. As a hero, you will take on the task of searching for ancient treasures with friends, showing your talents through struggles.

Dungeon Ward – offline RPG


In order for players to experience a more exciting journey in Dungeon Ward, the system has upgraded the content and appearance through updates. First of all, players will be allowed to replay the first three rounds to gain experience to get basic skills and get used to this dangerous life. The underground passages are changed in design and structure to make things easier, and the player can simply find the exit after winning the treasure chest.

Important changes related to the strength of the guardian gods and my monsters will help improve the tense situation. Players can access a more beautiful interface and more neatly arranged control keys. Players will make their request for character creation, wait a certain amount of time and witness the change process. Now, the errors about how the character works have been eliminated.

Dungeon Ward – offline RPG

Character building

It takes the best from the action RPG games (level up character, items, stats, skill trees, city with shops, quests, bosses etc.) to the traditional dungeon crawler setting.

Unique classes

Play as a mighty Warden, shapeshifting Ranger or elemental Mage. Invest talent points to learn new skills such as spell reflection, lightning arrow or werewolf transformation. Learn passive talents or just increase stats to create exactly the character build you like.

Procedural hand-made dungeons

Dungeon Ward RPG features 3D procedural dungeons from hand-made parts with unique boss rooms, deadly traps, teleports and story quests. It shares many aspects liked by roguelike, roguelite and diablo like fans, especially if you play on hardcore.

Offline play, no forced monetization

This RPG offline game can be completely played offline (without internet) and doesn’t force monetization as everything is possible to buy via ingame currencies which are obtainable also by playing.

Grid-based controls, 3rd person camera

The grid-based controls are similar to old-school dungeon crawler games from 90s where similar rpg offline games where known also as blobber or gridder. That means 90 degree turning, movement on a grid. It features not only button controls but also joystick.

Actively developed, Localized

Dungeon Ward is in active development by a czech solo developer. The game is localized to: English (EN), Czech (CZ), Slovak (SK), German (DE), Spanish (ES), Polish (PL). Future languages will be added with the help of the RPG games community. No wifi needed.

What's new

- new ranks for active skills (now max rank is 7)
- fixed cloud save restore issue
- balanced some skills (summon health, skill recharge, blink, throwing net, blood lust, spiky fur, retaliation)
- added shield absorb damage reduction based on enemy power level up to 0-50%
- smaller bugfixes
- fixed issue with flying dragon elite not hitting pets with attacks



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