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Zombies are a very interesting topic. There are many films and games developed on it that you can play. Most people say that the Zombie virus exists in real life but there is not such evidence available for that. The game about which we are going to talk today is called Dead target Zombies. It is one of the best zombie Shooting Game series for smartphones.

There is also the second part available of the game but today we are talking about its first part which makes this game famous worldwide. This game is a combo of shooting and Zombie games. The zombies will be in front of you in the game and you have to shoot them with your weapons.

The weapon shop is available in this game from where you can buy the powerful weapons for your needs. You have different kinds of SMG assault rifle grenades and much more equipment to use when you are fighting against the Zombies.

Download Dead target zombies APK

This game comes in the category of shooting. It is not a normal shooting game because your target in this game are the zombies who reach you to kill you. The Zombies are very fast and you have to equip powerful weapons to kill them with ease. You can buy the weapons of your choice from the weapon shop available in the game.

There are different categories of the Zombies available like jumping, running and lazy Zombies. The different levels are available in the game and with each level the difficulty increases and you have to face new types of zombies.

Many of the time the Zombies reach you and you cannot kill them with the weapons you have but for that situation you have grenades available to use. By using them you can take down the large number of Zombies.

Download Dead target zombies mod APK

This is the hack version of the game. This version is specially made for the people who find this game difficult to play. The standard version provides you limited ammos and money available in the game. You have to complete the levels to earn money in the game. It is going to be very annoying because you cannot unlock the powerful weapons in the start. This hack version is especially made to make it possible for you to unlock your favourite weapons in the game. You also have unlimited ammos available in this version.

Almost every game has the ads available, just like that in this game you also see different ads that kill your User experience. This hack version has all the ads removed from the game.


Shooting experience of another level

This game provides you the shooting experience of different levels. You have to target the zombies that are coming towards you.

Kill a number of zombies

On each level you have the target to kill the number of Zombies. By completing this target you can complete the level easily.

Use grenade for quick kills

If the larger numbers of zombies almost reach you and you do not have the time to shoot them, then you can use the grenades to eliminate a large number of zombies.

Don’t get infected

You don’t have to get infected in this game. Because if zombies reach you to bite you, you can get infected by the zombies virus and you lose the level.

Zombies of different categories

There are zombies of the different categories available like running, jumping and lazy Zombies.

Weapons shop

The weapons shop is available in this game to provide you with the powerful weapons and equipment to kill the Zombies. You need money to buy the weapons from the shop.

Unlimited Ammos

This hack version of the game provides you unlimited Ammos to use in the levels so you can find the bullets freely.

Everything unlocked

Everything is already unlocked in this hack version of the game. You have the levels and weapons unlocked in this version.


This game provides you with the experience of both shooting and surviving games. You have to shoot the zombies in this game that are coming toward you. The Zombies of the different categories available have different abilities like running and jumping. The weapon shop is available from where you can purchase powerful weapons to kill the Zombies easily. There are different levels available in this game and you have to face zombies related to the different categories in these levels.



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