Dark Hunter: Diablo-like RPG MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Crystals)

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All good things have disappeared since the arrival of the demon. All I can see is an endless tragedy.
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Loongcheer Game
Sep 1, 2022
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All good things have disappeared since the arrival of the demon. All I can see is an endless tragedy.
Countless sacrifices have been made in exchange for our survival, but we are barely hanging on.The world is about to collapse and no one will be spared.In that case, why not make an effort for once?
Show our courage, show those monsters the power of human beings! Make them pay the price!
Maybe one person’s power is weak, but I believe that with you on board, we will have one more chance to win!

A role-playing action game (RPG) called Dark Hunter: Diablo-like made its debut for Android. The makers have, as the name implies, taken the atmosphere from the Diablo series and applied it to this game, despite the fact that the gameplay is extremely different. There are a total of six playable characters available to you, all of them have distinct appearances and are outfitted with specific items. The players are anticipating the appearance of a large number of creatures as well as dozens of different bosses.

Dark Hunter: Diablo-like RPG


Dark Hunter: Diablo-like RPG is a compelling example of the role-playing game genre adapted to the mobile platform. The multiplayer component of the gameplay, as well as the entertainment and connection with other players, are essential to the experience. The cartoon style emphasizes having fun and helps to create the right atmosphere. Additionally, game types such as gacha and idle games served as motivation for the creation of this project. Dark Hunter: Diablo-like RPG has been produced by Loongcheer Game.

Dark Hunter: Diablo-like RPG


Six unique characters are available for you to pick from, and you are free to mix their abilities in any way you see fit. You can choose to play as a Warrior, Witcher, Magician, Beastmaster, Necromancer, or Penitent Knight. Each of them has hundreds of talents at their disposal for you to tailor to your ideal character build.

Dark Hunter: Diablo-like RPG

A classic Dark Idle Game
No energy limit, no complicated operations
Just click it to have fun. You can play anytime, anywhere.

Unique Characters & Combine your Skills
There are six characters to choose from, each with different skills, and you can combine them as you like.
Warrior, Witcher, Magician, Beastmaster, Necromancer, Penitent Knight with hundreds of skills, waiting for you to customize your own build.

Various Equipment, Customize your Attributes and Break the Limit
Hundreds of suits, thousands of equipment! Challenge the boss, dungeons, etc to collect them. and also you can customize your equipment attributes via Crafting, Refining, Reforging and Inlaying with so many gear attribute to build your genre
What’s more, there is an innovative attribute system for you to customize your own character.

Thrilling battles
There are huge numbers of monsters and dozens of different bosses in our game. Release the skill combination and kill all enemies at the right time. You will enjoy the battlefield and gain a wealth of rewards and equipment through combat.

Rich main stages & dungeons
Challenge main stages to unlock more modes. Climb the Endless Tower to get rewards, Challenge Boss, Advanced replicas,etc to obtain more rewards and collect more gear suits.

Challenge non-stop, growing without limit.
Gather for fate, fight for honor!
Do you, want to join us !?

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A classic Dark Idle GameοΌ›
No energy limit, no complicated operationsοΌ›
Unique Characters & Combine your SkillsοΌ›
Various Equipment, Customize your Attributes and Break the LimitοΌ›
Rich main stages & dungeons,Thrilling battlesοΌ›



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