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Are You Ready for FPS Commando Strike??
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Jan 16, 2024
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Are You Ready for FPS Commando Strike??

Welcome to FPS Real Commando Secret Strike Offline Games. FPS Offline Games Especially designed for FPS Games Lover. Join FPS Killer Shooting Games and Destroy all enemies now to save the world. Grand Shooting Game is totally HD Graphics and realistic real shooting control!

Real Commando Cover Shooting Games

We are presenting offline shooting Games. You will play the major role as a master Sniper shooter in this Encounter Shooting Strike games. You can see many Fps games and new games uploaded on the game store on daily basis, but we are presenting new action games especially for army games and fps Shooting games lovers. Action games have very action-packed & thrilling Gameplay with multiple weapons. Enjoy these Offline Shooting Games. Start your Secret mission daily and destroy enemies in offline shooting games to increase your FPS fighting skills. FPS Encounter Strike provides you a variety of modern Guns and weapons in this FPS Counter Terrorist Shooting New Games. Join FPS Commando Games and improve your Shooting skills with New Games 2021.

FPS Real Shooting Games

If you want to complete your Fps secret missions’ chapters daily you should join the FPS Encounter Strike Offline Shooting Games and you will win the strike-through survival game of 2021. You can complete many historical commando missions in this FPS Commando New Action Games 2021. FPS Sniper Shooter is one of the Action Games in the history of offline shooting Games. FPS Cover Shooter Offline Survival Games developed with many thrilling and dark secret missions which makes it more worthy and delicious. After completing each of the escaped shooting challenges, you will be promoted in the next war and battle challenges in this Fps offline Game. You have many modern weapons in FPS Commando Shooting Game, such as sniper rifles, bullets, shotguns, grenades, and much more to makes it easy to complete your Daily Shooting Task. You should unlock these weapons to shoot different amines on different levels in these Offline Gun Strike Shooting Games 3D. This Cover Shooter is the Gun Game for you. What are you waiting for Commando Games now? Play Critical Strike Shooting Games 2021 and taste the victory as a FPS Shooter in this Games 2021.

Real Encounter Strike Games

FPS Commando Shooting Games 2021 developed with addictive Gameplay and modern weapons to make it more interesting as an Offline Shooting Game. In this Battle Shooting Game, you are a commando soldier on this operational battlefield and you are responsible for shooting the Terrorist. You have a variety of shooting modern guns, battle arsenals, assault rifles, and much more in this Army Commando Shooting Games 2021. You are equipped with many modern shooting skills in this Action Games 2021 and you should show yourself that you are a special trained Fps commando in the Encounter Strike world. This Fps Game is the Offline game in the history of the Fps Strike shooting Game.

Features of Weapon Shooting Strike: Commando Shooting Games:

β€’ FPS Strike Developed with Modern HD Graphics
β€’ Realistic Control for Gun Shooter Games
β€’ Offline Game with Multiplayer Mode
β€’ Verity of Modern Weapons
β€’ Advanced Enemy Based Artificial intelligence
β€’ War Games Real Sounds
β€’ Health kit and Dropper in this Survival Game

Play FPS Secret mission game: offline Shooting Games Offline with unlimited fun. The Commando Elite Strike game is very interesting and challenging. Offline FPS Games 2021 are the Modern Shooting Games. If you ever wanted to play Fps Game then this offline Game is just for you. Play this new action shooting game and improve your Commando Games skills.

With exceptional environments, weapon Shooting Strike takes the classic shooting game to the next level. The novelty is evident in the locations where the match takes place, which is truly a global campaign. Various equipment will be collected after you land on the battlefield by parachuting. Please choose a suitable place to land and perform the various missions received. Note, you can play with teammates or explore the story individually.

Weapon Shooting Strike: Commando Shooting Games


Weapon Shooting Strike players can now join many other players in a match. Multiplayer mode has been added in the updated version. In addition, some new maps are also provided to help you have more locations to choose from. Challenging missions or even dangerous stunts will be the highlight of this campaign, and you’ll meet bloodthirsty zombies in carnival-themed battles. There are more than 13 different modes for you to experience!

Weapon Shooting Strike: Commando Shooting Games


Many compliments on the content that Weapon Shooting Strike builds, players can find a place to relieve pressure as well as stress. To start the upcoming series of quests, you will be taken to an arena consisting of many modes, choose one of them, and wait for the matchmaking system. Quests will be assigned after finding a battlefield that matches your requirements. Next, let’s start the game by collecting guns, ammo, daggers, and backpacks for the upcoming journey.

Weapon Shooting Strike: Commando Shooting Games


Making the success of Weapon Shooting Strike impossible without mentioning the creativity in the design style of the production team. They build content through a series of animated animations and sounds such as explosions, bombs, and vehicle collisions to make everything come to life. HD graphics are applied to each image, sketching modern weapons and equipment. Players need to defeat their opponents and survive to the end to get more meat and dinner rewards.

Weapon Shooting Strike: Commando Shooting Games


Weapon Shooting Strike will continue to create global popularity as the start of the expected innovations in content and image quality. User requests and reviews are recorded and modified quickly. The system also provides various information about the type of weapon you use, how to perform a bombing from a distance, etc. Aim to create the most outstanding achievement. Join this free campaign, enjoy the modes and get high on the leaderboard.

Weapon Shooting Strike: Commando Shooting Games


  • The game will take you to the battlefield with a specialized plane, throw yourself in the sky and fly down at the fastest speed with a paraglider.
  • Land gently on the ground and immediately search for the necessary weapons for your journey, adding new energy potions and meat.
  • Find the remaining players and defeat them in the shortest time; confront the possible risks when participating in this fun.
  • Choose a favorite mode, make your name from that leaderboard, level up, and create a reputation in the shooting world.
  • Enjoy the creative space from the system with the combination of HD graphics technology and the best quality sound system.

Weapon Shooting Strike v1.35 MOD APK (God Mode, Dumb Enemy) Download

What's new

Environment Changed in Air Strike Mission
New Environment Added in Boss ModeπŸ₯³
One on One Battle Mode πŸ₯³
War Machines Added
Gun Gift System After Level Complete
Lottery Draw Added
Spin Wheel Added
Player Profile Added
Air Strike Added in Boss MissionπŸ₯³
Boss Missions are Added to Enjoy Fun Games Free
Play & Enjoy AI-Based Free PvP Shooting Games Offline✌️
Dropper Gift Added🎁


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