CODE: SEED APK vT. + MOD (Damage, Defense Multiplier, Dumb Enemy)

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CODE: SEED – A Song of Spark is a 3D anime adventure role-playing card game set in a post-apocalyptic world focused on creative Match 3 combat. In this game, players must defend their campsite against a swarm of zombies by building and improving various defenses. Seed anime fire girls and sent them to the front lines to defend the zone from invaders. Discover the hidden truth about the world’s end, save humanity, and join the legendary Epic Seven on a quest into the unknown.

Players must devise strategies and tactics to defeat increasingly difficult foes in turn-based role-playing game combat by matching three slots of the same attribute to form a skill set. Knowing when and how to cast a given skill is critical to success on the battlefield. Because each member of the Seed Fire has their own set of skills and abilities, combining them allows for more varied and effective attacks. The team configurations are practically limitless, with over a hundred different anime girls to collect in New CODE: SEED – A Song of Spark, each of whom is a seed fire soldier.

Players can choose to improve the seed fire soldiers’ combat efficiency or their popularity among the populace. Each team member brings their skills and experiences to the table. Increased favorability allows players to learn about their backstories and interact with them, spreading the players’ mutual affection. Construct a secure area, use the seed fire team to rid infected areas of zombies, expand the secure area, remove potential hazards, strengthen camp security, and more with your fellow survivors. The results of your explorations will vary depending on your path and can range from a horde of zombies to the opportunity to collect some living resources. Your choices determine the quest’s outcome, but there is only one goal: kill the regional rulers and return home alive.

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