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Engage your mind with Brain Who? Tricky Riddle Tests, the ultimate puzzle and thinking game experience! Immerse yourself in a world of mind-bending challenges that will test your intelligence and creativity.
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Thinking games and riddles will twist your mind and puzzle you. Wash your brain with mind games and puzzle games. Do you have what it takes to beat each level? Who did it – solve riddles to find out who is who, who is lying and who is the culprit! Braindom 2 brings you the ultimate brain app with tricky puzzles in this, the best of thinking games and brain games.

Braindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles will be a game for all ages and especially for little ones at home to train their brains every day through a series of tough questions that the game has to offer. It can be entertaining quizzes, so it’s easy to see what the answer is initially, but sometimes there are questions that you have to think about for a long time to understand. Okay.


Not everyone is born with the same IQ, or they are all towering, so brain training every day is essential for future jobs. Sometimes life always presents some challenges and requires us to solve problems logically. Or for example, in work or study, for example, when you are faced with a complex request, now you need to think to be able to come to a conclusion. And those are two of the everyday situations where you need to use your mind.

To be able to handle those tasks smoothly, you need to have a clear and quick-thinking mind in any situation. And the only way and is considered the simplest is to train your mind through tough questions from some of the websites available today. However, it will not be very convenient, so the best solution you can find is Braindom 2. Although it is just a game, it has aggregated a lot of puzzles with levels from easy to difficult. The different difficulties for you to experience.

Braindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser RiddlesBraindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles


If you are worried that you will not be able to train your mind for a long time with just this game, do not worry because you will be overwhelmed with the number of puzzles included in the hundreds. Just complete a puzzle, you will continue to the next puzzle, and so on until you clear this game. But that is less likely to happen because later on, the puzzle’s difficulty will increase to the point where you have to scratch your hair.

Each puzzle is very varied but mainly about choosing between 2 or 3 other answers to a problem such as who is the father of the baby of two men or who did this… Some hidden meanings will be displayed everywhere in the picture, and you will have to rely on them to start looking for clues from combining them together. Sometimes if you don’t really know what the answer is, you can still speculate based on your feelings.

Braindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser RiddlesBraindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles


When you encounter a puzzle that is so difficult that you still cannot know the answer, that’s okay because the game will help you with supporting tools such as a magnifying glass with a question mark that will help you find out. What is the answer? It’s straightforward, but to be able to use it, you need to have enough required brains, and you will find them by passing each puzzle, and you will receive a certain number of brains.

Wash your brain with mind games that are meant to trick you, solve them to give your brain exercise! Riddles that will twist your mind and puzzle you hard: who is who, who is the father, who did it? These riddle games are meant for teens and adults of all ages. Quiz games to test your IQ, can you solve it? Crack riddles and trivia games to continue to the next level! Be the champion of all the smart games by training your brain out!

Thinking games have nothing on this challenging, free trivia game for mobile! Brain games and riddles have clues hidden in words, photos, and questions itself. IQ games that give your brain exercise and get you thinking outside of the box.

Crack the riddles and become a clue hunting detective. Picture puzzles need an eagle eye to solve. Trivia game mixed with logic puzzles, Braindom 2 is full of tricks and riddles that you need to beat to continue to the next level. Solving these brain puzzle games will give you a satisfying feeling of victory as you crack each level!

Brainwash the way you think – solve brain test, fun picture puzzles and IQ games, all while having a fun time. This riddles game is not too complex, not too easy, but will give you a challenge. The best riddles engage your natural problem-solving skills and make you laugh along the levels.

Braindom 2 is unlike most IQ games, brain games, and riddle games because it has a unique concept that lets you work your brain out. Tricky puzzles and brain games will elevate your IQ because it tricks and challenges your thinking habits in a funny and ludic way.

This brain game encourages you to train yourself daily with tricky puzzles and trivia tests to become the riddle master amongst your friends. Braindom 2 provides hundreds of fun trivia games, riddle games, tricky puzzles, brain test, IQ tests and quiz games.

Braindom 2, the funniest of puzzle games and brain teaser games, breaks common sense and brings you an excellent brainwash experience. Ready for the brain out in the best of smart games and riddle games? Try this impossible mindblowing game and crush each level in this 7 second riddles game.

This game is unique, original, and creative, designed not only to push yourself with mind games but also to train your brain out. You can enjoy these free iq games to brainwash . What a cool brain test and brain-teasers in these thinking games!

It’s designed with multiple brain teaser games, tricky puzzles, mind games, iq games, brain test, puzzle games, riddles and cool smart games to become a riddle master!


– Brain teasers for teens and adults of all ages!
– Who is who? Who did it? Can you succeed in all these puzzle games?
– Mind games aplenty: hundreds of quizzes to solve
– Mysteries to solve! Find the clues and have fun
– Riddles to solve, are you a riddle master?

– Brain training to think outside of the box
– Tricky games that will blow your brain out
– Brain test that can test your or a friend’s IQ!
– Think outside of the box to solve these mind puzzles
– Crack trivia questions to be the master of smart games
– Wash your brain with this brain app!

– Logic games require sleuthing!
– Critical thinking needed to solve the game by looking for clues within the picture
– Choose this or that, just a couple options!
– Improve yourself with thinking games

Are you the next riddle master? Download and play Braindom 2 today!

Enjoy this legendary game committed to fun!

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