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Jun 17, 2023
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Auto Optimizer app can speed up your phone, save battery power by hibernating the running apps.

You can easily manage files and increase storage capacity with the file manager function.

πŸ’‘ File Manager
Easily manage your files.

πŸ’‘ Optimization
Optimize instantly with just a tap on the home button.

πŸ’‘ Battery Saver
Equipped with a powerful battery saver function.

πŸ’‘ Deep Clean
Powerful cleaning of devices such as hidden cache removal.

πŸ’‘ Auto restart
Optimizes your device while you sleep.

πŸ’‘ Game Booster
Optimize device performance for games.

πŸ’‘ Memory information
Display free memory / used memory amount with status bar or overlay.

πŸ’‘ Battery information
View detailed history of battery level, charging speed and charging.

πŸ’‘ Battery Health
Estimated capacity (mAh).

πŸ’‘ CPU information
Show CPU usage.

πŸ’‘ Device information
Shows detailed information about the device

– Auto optimize your device to keep it functional!
– Easy to use, highly effective, faster processing speed!
– Optimize instantly with just a tap on the home button. β†’ Achieve a smooth operation on your device.
– Display memory and battery info on the status bar or overlay.
– Equipped with a powerful battery saver function. Battery life will be significantly improved!
– Equipped with functions to clear various histories and caches.
– Auto optimization execution condition and details can be set.
– Advanced settings are also available for display during execution.
– Optimize instantly with just a tap on the shortcuts.
– Realize the fastest possible processing speeds by eliminating unnecessary processes.
– Flexible settings to fit the way you use your smartphone, including detailed auto-executing conditional settings.
– Check detailed information about the state of your device, including the ability to display remaining memory.

[Memory release / Clear cache / Clear history]
– Execute when home button is tapped
– Execute when screen is turned off
– Execute by memory usage rate
– Execute at a set interval
– Manually execute with just a tap on the shortcuts

[Battery saver]
Depending on the device and the usage, the battery consumption can be reduced approximately by 1/10 to 1/3 while the screen is off.

[Display memory info]
Displays free memory size or free memory(in %) or used memory size or used memory (in %) on the status bar or overlay.

[Display battery info]
Displays remaining battery life on the status bar.

[Game Booster]
Optimize device performance for games.

[Ultra memory release]
When free memory is very low, the Android system terminates running processes.
“Ultra memory release” function uses this method to release memory.

May not work properly depending on the specifications of the device or OS.
Also has various other useful functions.

This app uses accessibility service.
Used for the auto restart function.
This information is not stored or shared.

Auto Optimizer Mod APK is a versatile yet simple-to-use utility helping your device be perfectly optimized or boost performance over time. It also comes with many new generation AIs capable of changing the way components on the device work, giving users a more stable user experience when playing games and more. On top of that, its built-in battery saver is also helpful for users to extend their battery life at any time.

Auto Optimizer – Booster , Battery Saver


The booster function built into Auto Optimizer will automatically link to all systems, making them work at full capacity for more stable gaming. However, boosting will drain the battery faster while disabling background programs or applications to focus all performed on a single unit. The booster function automatically adjusts all performance based on the running games to protect the device and optimize everything dynamically.

Auto Optimizer – Booster , Battery Saver


Besides the booster, the optimizer softens the device by disabling everything like programs, biometric systems, and more. It just makes everything work to a minimum, makes the device smoother and simpler to handle, and helps the system cool faster after gaming. In addition, it also reduces the device’s battery consumption, leaving only a few services enough for users to have notifications or messages.


Auto Optimizer realizes the endless potential of directly affecting the system to give users the best user experience. Therefore, it has wide customization with each function and tool for users to change their personal experience, especially the booster feature. They can freely interact with each slide bar, indicator and set some limits to make the application work more efficiently.

Auto Optimizer – Booster , Battery Saver


The battery saver function works differently than previously prompted, as it disables or optimizes many programs and apps to prolong battery life. Depending on the user’s battery usage intensity, the battery consumption varies to meet many individual needs. Conveniently, it will automatically activate some programs or applications if the user wants to force any function.


Many users’ devices are often cluttered with many unused files, so Auto Optimizer integrates with an all-in-one cleaner. The cleanup function is automatic, and it scans every nook and cranny of the memory and lists what it’s ready to remove. Users can keep a few important things and even change how the cleaner works for better performance or free up more memory for the device.

Auto Optimizer – Booster , Battery Saver


The optimization possibilities of the application are almost endless, and many features or support tools will give users more options to enhance the user experience. All content is free and easy to use, even if it affects many areas or specific functions of the device. Users can also customize them freely and even allow the application to restart while sleeping to conserve the device automatically.

Auto Optimizer is a great combination of many things, and most of them are beneficial to the device, either prolonging the life or stabilizing the performance while playing games. In addition, the cleaning feature will help users filter out malicious files, even delete a large number of files hidden in the system.


  • Auto-optimize your gadget to ensure that it remains working!
  • Simple to use, really effective, and with a quicker processing speed!
  • With a single push on the home button, you can rapidly optimize your device. Ensure that your gadget runs smoothly at all times.
  • Display information about memory and battery life in the status bar or on an overlay.
  • The device is equipped with a sophisticated battery-saving feature. This will result in substantial improvement in battery life.
  • It is equipped with features to clean different histories and caches on various operating systems.
  • It is possible to configure the conditions and details for automatic optimization execution.
  • During the execution process, you may also see advanced options that are accessible.
  • With a single swipe on the shortcuts, you can optimize your system immediately.
  • Eliminate any extraneous operations in order to get the quickest feasible processing rates.
  • Flexible settings that adapt to the way you use your smartphone, including comprehensive conditional settings that automatically execute.
  • You may see specific information on the current status of your device

What's new

- Minor improvements.


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